Awesome / Dave the Barbarian

  • Whenever Dave uses his full strength, it usually turns into an epic moment.
    • In "The Way of the Dave", when a sand giant threatened Fang, he ran all the way back from across the world (He had ran away to Antartica in fear when he saw it), and punched the giant, knocking it back hard enough it dropped Fang. He then grabbed its fist when it tried to crush him, and proceeded to toss it far, far away in the desert.
    Dave: I may be scared, I may be a lousy barbarian, but NOBODY MESSES WITH MY SISTER!
    • In the Ned Frischman episode, he grabbed the villain, twisted him into a pretzel before nonchalantly tossing him aside, and then picked up an enormous pyramid with one hand, spun it on his finger, and ground it to dust until all that was left was the top, which he used to cut the rope holding Faffy, Lula and Twinkle.