Awesome / Darkman

  • What Peyton does to the carny. Seriously, he deserved it.
  • When Durant's men break into Peyton's hideout, Peyton uses his disguises to trick them all.
  • "I'm learning to live with a lot of things."
  • This exchange:
    Rick: "I've told you everything!"
    Darkman: "I know, Rick; I know you did. BUT LET'S PRETEND YOU DIDN'T!"
  • When Peyton disguises himself as Durant. Although confusing them at first with his behavior, he manages to intimidate Hong-Fat into giving him the money.
    • The way he does it is just perfect: He tells Hong-Fat he has "until I finish this cigar" to provide the money. Peyton then clips the cigar to about an inch in length and lights it up. He then holds the flame to his hand to show he feels nothing. Hong-Fat wastes no time ordering the money sent up at once.
  • The only real reason Strack even stands a chance against Peyton during the final battle on top of the unfinished skyscraper, other than the giant ass nail gun he shoots around? Because he used to work on building skyscrapers when he was younger and is able to move around the narrow steel beams with ease, while Peyton himself has to get used to it. May not sound like much, but it's something.