Awesome / Dark City

  • The fact that a human learns the powers at all. The shock shown by the Strangers upon learning this is a fantastic moment in the film.
  • Dr. Schreber gets one at the end. Schreber is the human assisting the psychokinetic aliens by injecting fresh memories into each person in the city each night. When the Strangers discover that John has developed similar powers, they capture him and order Schreber to inject him with their collective memories hoping to rejuvinate their Dying Race, but Schreber's got other plans; when he discovered that John had developed their powers, he mixed up an entire lifetime of memories in which he teaches John how to use them - this is what he injects into John at the climax of the movie;
  • John's fight against the Strangers. Once Schreber plays his trump card, the table rocks forward, his eyes pop open and asskicking ensues. Trevor Jones' score is awesome throughout the whole movie, but it reaches apocalyptic heights at this point. The Strangers' temple and ultimately the entire city is torn to scrap as John and Mr. Book duel with their psychokinetic powers, all perfectly matched by by Jones' "You Have The Power". Buildings erupt like swords stabbing through the streets and twist like taffy while lesser Strangers are flung screaming into space. It only ends when John flings Mr. Book into a water tower, causing his parasite to erupt from his head screaming as it dies and collapses into ash.
  • On top of that, once he is victorious, John repairs the entire city in a blink as if he was restoring a deleted file, gives the world an ocean, and makes the sun rise as he reunites with Emma - and despite her memories being forever lost, "Anna" seems drawn to him as humanity begins a new existence free of the Strangers.