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Awesome: Daredevil: Born Again
  • Plenty of them throughout the series, but the one that stands out is when Nuke attacks New York and Murdock finally puts on the Daredevil costume again...and then he is shown silhouetted against a wall of flame as the reader knows there will be the Devil to pay for this crime. The text box at the bottom makes it even awesomer:
  • Even Foggy Nelson gets one, when he manages to drive away a mugger by tossing a bowling ball (It was a Christmas gift for a friend) at him.
  • Ben Urich pistol whipping a dirty cop to death.
  • A major supporting character's moment comes when Nuke breaks out of his chains, overdoses his Red stimulants and goes berserk shooting everyone inside the military base as a kind of representation of America as a mindlessly destructive behemoth. Then, he hears his bullets bounce off a star surrounded by red and white concentric circles as the symbol of the USA at its most noble, Captain America, charges in to stop this maniac.
    • Even before you see the iconic shield, you see Nuke's horrified - and awed - expression as he sees what he's shooting at.
    • "I'm loyal to nothing, General — except the Dream" - Captain America. Just by saying that, Cap proves why he's a guy whose voice can command gods.
      • Another great sums-up-everything-you-need-to-know-about-him line from Cap: "He wears the flag."
    • It's also perhaps Thor's best 80's moment not written by Walt Simonson. He doesn't even do anything—he just stands in shadows making it rain—but the threat is there that even if Nuke can take out Cap and Iron Man, he's not even close to finished.
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