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     Danball Senki 
  • The game’s opening cutscene consists of the main characters LBX boarding Saturn in a out robot war between the Seekers (Central Intelligence Organization) and the Innovators (New Dawn Raisers) before landing and the human soldiers come in, revealing the bots to be 6 inches tall.
    • The mysterious woman escaping from the lab, knocking over and evading two security officers and electrical doors trying to stop her.
  • The anime and video games open afterwards to Van and Kazu defeating their opponents at Artemis 2050, delivering a preview of the main characters' potential and abilities.
  • Van’s first battle with the AX-OO has him kick the butt of the Black Intelligence agent's LBX, finishing one with a single thrust, whilst destroying the other two in a Single-Stroke Battle.
  • Episode 2: Yuusuke Uzaki is being heckled by a senior member of Tiny Orbit, the largest LBX manufacturing company in Japan for creating a brand new LBX with blueprints from an amateur. As the man complains, Yuusuke unveils the LBX: Achilles, Ban's future and primary LBX in the series, that has transcended beyond the normal capabilities of an LBX and he made it to search for the creator as a means to improve the company as well. When the official still complains, Yuusuke has this to say:
    Yuusuke: Watch what you say. Remember that I am the director of Tiny Orbit.
  • Episode 3: Team Yamano vs Hanz.
    • For starters, despite the trio initially holding their own, Hanz instantly uses his Signature Move to cause a smoke screen, forcing Kazu to perform a Heroic Sacrifice to save Achilles. Destroyer straight up OBLITERATES Trooper in an awesome 3 hit combo, slashing it in half beyond repair.
    • As Hanzou knocks down Achilles and Kunoichi, Ban starts to waver in defeat. As Hanzou delivers a final swing, he gains his resolve again, and Achilles blocks Hakai-O's Heavy Sword with no damage whatsover, following that up with a kick that knocks the Behemoth LBX away.
    • Following that, Kazu comes up with a plan for Kunoichi and Achilles to use Breath of Fire against Destroyer, but Hanz cancels it by being prepared and pausing the charge for his attack. However, Ami and Kunoichi escape his grasp and Van outsmarts him by firing in the chest, rendering it unusable for the remainder for the fight.
    • Then, Achilles and Destroyer engage in a Single-Stroke Battle with Achilles the victor.
  • Episode 4: V-Mode debuting for Achilles in a battle with a Egypt LBX brainwashing Kazu. By the end of the episode, Van is beginning Achilles to stop ripping the LBX into shreds.
  • Sniper vs Sniper: Kazu finally gets over his doubts and destroys Hitman/Assassin’s sniper rifle. The game makes it even better by just having Kazu do it in a calm manner, allowing Van and Amy to finish off Assassin at the building its at.
    • In the anime, Van defeats Assassin through using a shield as a faint for Assassin to slash through, only for Achilles to win with a descending sword slash to the neck.
    • Credit is due to Jackal & Assassin. They had a decoy LBX in case that could shoot just as well, had Kazu cornered, nearly came close to killing the minister, and when Kunoichi and Achilles come to confront him thinking that a Long-Range Fighter, Jackal reveals Assassin can fight at short range too!
    • Back in episode 3, a official at Sousuke Zaizen's inauguration under Kaidou asked whether or not they would consider the advancement of LBX technology and use it for war. Sousuke effectively shuts down that notion and advising the new staff that regardless of technological advances, he will not support military actions and promising that Japan deserves a country that deserves peace instead of war, unintentionally angering Kaidou and his assistant and calling out his dangerous agendas. Even Yuusuke comments on his excellent speech.
    Prime Minister Sousuke Zaizen: I do not want our country's children to grow up into disrespectful adults who oppress others by force.
  • In the manga, the NDR start an LBX invasion and have their agents and police evacuate everyone so that only Van and Amy are in the mall. However, Va notices a little girl that couldn't evacuate and rushes to save her no matter what. This is followed by Kazu showing up with Hunter and saving the day alongside a reformed Devin and the Seekers.
  • The Angel Star arc (episodes 7 to 9 in the anime provide a few)
    • The Steel Monster Itijusus/Insidious itself. It's powerful machine made of different construction vehicles with lasers, drills and cranes to attack which gives the trio a hard time even with Achilles and Hunter’s new special move.
    • That and LBX Pandora makes its debut, saving Achilles with its cool ninja moves and blinding smoke bombs and the creator giving Van the instructions to fire shots that drop crates to stop the machine. It works.
  • Justin arriving to Van’s school…. in a fighter jet plane!
  • Van finally defeats Dak at the Catacombs Contest. In the game, you get to use Advanced V-Mode during the entire and if the player controls it well, you finally knock Dak off his high horse. Episode #13 makes it even better. After Van gets control of Advanced V-Mode, he and Achilles are still at a disadvantage against Dak using 3 Jokers. So Van leads Dak into cornering Achilles in the valley stage, where Dak has all three LBX in the air, Van has Achilles use THUNDERSTORM THRUST, combined with Destroyer’s left arm and the additional power of V Mode, the Finishing Move pierces through all three Jokers which makes them explode as Achilles turns around in victory.
  • Episode 14. Van faces Justin in the finals of the Catacombs Contest. Awesomeness ensues.
    • First Van goes straight into A. V-Mode, getting the advantage over Emperor for the first time. Justin decides to get serious and knocks back Achilles, and knocks it out of V Mode before using Impact Kaiser, which destroys the stadium. And Achilles survives this. The only reason this battle ended was because Justin overloaded his CPU controller, which is a Momentof Awesome in itself.
  • Episode 17 and the End of the Rescue Professor Yamano Arc. With Takuya, Lex, Hanz, Gabe, Kaidou and Rina’s actions all changing the course of which side is going to win, Van’s dad finally takes a stand. He reveals that he took the encryption code from the Platinum Capsule, and stored in the Metanoia GX, which is the prize for winning the Artemis this year before the international LBX Federation could get their hands on it so the Innovators can’t reach it unless they or his son can win Artemis. So Kaidou finally get pissed for once and promises to kill or capture everyone alive. Jon decides to screw that, and uses his glasses to DETONATE BOMBS He HAD HIDDEN IN THE MANSION WHILE HE WAS CAPTURED. Now that is Crazy-Prepared and managed to have everyone escape.
    • Amy calling Kaidou out for blackmailing the safety of Rina’s sister with the illness and for blocking a medical treatment to save lives.

     Danball Senki (Artemis 2050) 
  • The whole Artemis Tournament is one. But to be more specific:
  • Clash: Jin vs Lex. Holy crap
    • While Jin takes out everyone single opponent’s LBX in a single strike in Block A as usual, Hanzou and Lex dominate their first match. Hanzou and Destroyer trick the other team into shooting each other, leaving one vulnerable for Destroyer to jump in the air and slice the LBX in two, and G-Rex uppercuts the other into submission.
    • The fight between Lex & Hanzou vs Jin is amazing. Jin uses his hammer’s missiles to stalemate with Gaoh Cannon and simultaneously prepare Impact Kaier/Ground Breaker. But Lex does the impossible and has G-Rex punch the ground to cause a shockwave to block Jin’s Signature Move for the first time. Hanzou sacrifices himself so Lex can finish him off. Had Lex not let Jin win, they would’ve won knocked Jin out of Artemis before Van could at the semi-finals.
  • In B Block: Shou Kanzaki, who’s taken down all of his opponents in less than a minute, fights Masked J who is totally not Van’s father tricking Shou into thinking he’s got the upper hand, proceeds to strike Kanzaki’s Gladiator down with its fencing and Dance Battler tactics with just four strikes, and finishes Shou with the evolved version of Spiral Slash, now called Storm Slash. He even finishes him off with an awesome Pre Ass Kicking One Liner
    Masked J: Drop the curtains, Masquerade!
  • C Block: As shown in the first episode and signs of how they’ve grown, Van and Kazu defeat the American Champions Johnny Howard and Paul Gordon. After the duo spent the majority of the episode bad mouthing Van’s team, it is proof that the Power Trio has earned the right to be competing in Artemis. Ban and Kazu even have Achilles and Hunter bust out kung fu to launch Johnny’s Wendigo in the air before Hunter defeats it in one shot!
  • The finals of C Block has Team Van vs Team Morigami and it does not disappoint. Kaz and Hunter get too excited and Team Morigami leads him into a trap is about to eliminate Hunter, Achilles and Kunoichi arrive for the save but end up damaged….but not out. Then Kazu breaks out of The Worf Effect again as Team Van use Achilles shield as a decoy and trick the Asian Champs into thinking the plan was to lead them away. Once they fall for it, Kaz and Hunter fire at Keita’s Warrior before Ming-Wa sacrifices himself, giving them the advantage.
    • Both Achilles and Kunoichi are injured and still are able to give Trooper trouble, and Kazu’s sniping starts giving Team Morigami trouble so Yuna tries to take out Hunter and her Amazon knocks away his gun. However, Kaz just has Hunter kick Amazon away despite Hunter nearly being useless with his sniper rifle and then unleashes Stinger Missiles on her. And now, Kazu, despite seeing himself as the weakest of his friends, has taken out three world class LBX players.
    • Normally, this would mean with three on one, Team Van has the advantage. However, Keita finally uses his hissatsu function Trident (Trident Thrust). Like the video game, it can blast the opponent in three areas at once, so Keita uses it on the entirety of Van’s team. While Achilles has a shield as a defense, Hunter and Kunoichi don’t, eliminating them, so Keita has brought it back for his team!
    • In spite of this and the fact that Achilles is still injured, Van is still able to fight evenly with Keita and charges up his Chance Gauge in the process to perfect the move Lex taught him: The Super Plasma Burst, and defeats Trooper in one shot. With that, Team Van has reached their dream and made it to the finals of Artemis.
  • D Block shines with Dak and his crew from the eastern side of Misora and they defeat two opponents with highly and expensive dangerous weapons. Yujin on the other hand is competing alone, just like Justin, and with only a few moves, he makes to the finals just like Daiki. At first, Daiki’s team has the advantage, but Yujin completely turns the battle around, fights off all three members, and even knocks back LBX Joker. Daiki then uses his crew’s LBX as pawns to block off BraveBird X from moving and uses Deathscythe Hurricane. However Yujin’s LBX survives, and calls out Daiki for eliminating his own allies, and unleashes his own Fist of Justice: Rain Bullet!. And with a Super Sentai pose to boot.
    • Yuuya/Nils in E Block easily dominating Hannibal Kahn, a Oceanic LBX Champion, just by shooting at the integral parts with only 5 shots!

     Danball Senki W 
  • Kirito shows up at the end of episode 2 with Deqoo OZ and butchers the two G-Rex’s that were giving Hiro and Van trouble.
    • Van and Hiro get their new Finishing Moves. Elision gets Holy/Divine Lance where Elysion gains wings and flies like its reaching heaven, and the energy gathers at the tip of the lance, for the LBX to throw the spear. It completely took down an army.
    • Hiro and Perseus get Cosmic Slash, which is basically Getsuga Tensho.
  • Hiro, Van, and Laura establish themselves as the new Power Trio in episode 3. The three take on Achilles Fiend, and Brainjacked dark versions of Hunter and Kunoichi, and the boys set up their attacks with Laura to have her finish off Hunter with an axe kick and Kunoichi in one hit. Then the three fight Achilles Fiend and do pretty well, forcing it to go into Demonic Mode and retreating.
    • Earlier, Laura and her friend were doing well against Detectors robots. Too bad her friend’s LBX ended up brainjacked.
  • Van and Jessica’s battle in America. Brief as it is, Van’s fighting style and Jessica’s Gun Fu match each other evenly.
  • Gojou DEMOLISHING all of Detectors forces when Hiro, Jessica, and Ran are in Libya in #W.
  • The battle between Team Van and Team Hiro in the semifinals of the 2051 Artemis Tournament’s C Block.
    • Team Hiro tricks Team Van into thinking Ran would be the weak point, and use it as a trap to catch Jessica’s Jeanne D. Then Yuuya switched out his usual weapon for a gun to use Hyper Energy Bomb. But then Jin & Triton sacrifice themselves to protect Jeanne, leading to Triton using his Signature Move, Ocean Blast/Depth Charge, and both Liu Bei & Triton are now out.
    • Instantly, Minerva knocks out Jeanne D before Jeanne D puts in final shots to end Minerva.
    • Now Hiro and Van engage in an all out battle with their texting CPUs going faster than usual. Elysion and Perseus are fighting throughout the entire stadium with neither one giving an instance. And their weapons go flying out of the air in response. In the games, the two punch out each other with all remaining energy and the result is a TIE!
    • The anime makes this even better! Elysion and Perseus’s weapons on in the air, and they end up with each other’s weapons. So Van and Hiro use Cosmic Slash and Holy Lance respectively in a final clash and its still a tie! Plus in a earlier tournament, Elysion had to use lances which means Hiro trained Elysion to the point of using Signature Moves from a different weapon type before the fight began!
    • As a result, both teams should be eliminated from the tournament, but because of the audience's support for both players, the tournament rulers decide they’re both moving on to the finals!
  • In episode 26, Hiro and Shirley (As Cosmic Hero Senshiman and Senshigirl) make a grand opening in their first match against the Magical Sisters Brothers. Both are disgusted with the opposing team for not only dissing the very cosplay tournament they’re battling in but defend the audience since those two are only here for the prize. In battle, the two work as an effective team: Shirley’s Kunoichi even shooting down missiles and leaving them open for Hiro and Perseus to finish them off. Keep in mind that it's their first time teaming up in a battle. No one messes with the power of cosplay.
    • Alice creating a Kamen Rider like outfit for Yuuya just in time for their match.
    • In Yuuya and Alice’s battle, they have trouble working together, so Alice gives Yuuya her gun, where Lui Bei shoots down both LBXs in the legs to render them immobile. Yuuya switches back to his sword and ends both players in one strike!