Awesome / Damien Sandow

  • During the summer, beating up Brodus Clay while he was still an Invincible Hero.
  • Winning the World Title MITB Briefcase by, if Cole and King are correct, feigning injury and laying next to the announce table until everyone else was virtually destroyed before making his move, unceremoniously disposing of his friend Cody Rhodes to take down the briefcase.
  • Delivering a pretty epic ass kicking to John Cena before cashing in said contract. The match itself was pretty awesome, too, even though Sandow lost.
  • Say what you will about how WWE's been treating him lately, but his current run as the Miz's stunt double has been able to show how hard a worker he is for the company. Although, it seems to have worked in his favor as he's gotten really, really, really over.