Awesome: Daemon

  • The climax of Daemon; Loki summons an army of AutoM8s and Razorbacks to annihilate the headquarters of the Anti-Daemon Task Force. It's the first clear "daemonstration" of Sobol's philosophy:
    Matthew Sobol: Technology. It is the physical manifestation of the human will. It began with simple tools. Then came the wheel, and on it goes to this very day. Civilizations rise and fall based on technological innovation. Bronze falls to iron. Iron falls to steel. Steel falls to gunpowder. Gunpowder falls to circuitry.
    • ...a fully-equipped military division falls to one man with a fleet of re-purposed civilian vehicles.

  • "Angel Teeth"; Dropped from a height of eighty thousand feet from unmanned weather balloons and not much more than foot-long steel spikes with motorized fletching linked to a radio receiver, but they can be guided like a smart bomb to their target — either directly by a darknet operative or automatically at saved targets (using a cell phone in someone’s pocket or a Bluetooth headset ID as a beacon). Loki calls a pack down on a funeral gathering where PMCs are firing into crowds to kill any darknet operatives present, and every single merc takes several to the head and torso - without hitting anyone else. Think the "hostage rescue" scene in Iron Man - caused by a geek making arcane hand gestures.
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