Awesome / Cyberchase

  • After the many times of being called "Nezzie", Inez manages to get even with Matt in the Halloween special by calling him "Matthew".
    • She does this multiple times; still awesome no matter how often she does.
  • Three words: "The Cyberchase Movie".
  • Slider in the episode featuring Ticktockia. Hacker holds him hostage and tricks the Cybersquad into going to Ticktockia to "rescue" him. Despite being bound by a metal hand and knowing there's the very real risk he'll never see his friends again, Slider keeps his cool, distracts Hacker and manages to free himself with a screwdriver he pulls from his pocket; and not by doing anything to the hand, instead unscrewing the floor panel underneath him which drops once all the screws are removed with the impact of him and the hand hitting the ground freeing him.
  • Just the fact that the series was Uncancelled goes to show how much the creators care about keeping it alive.