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Awesome / Curt Hennig

  • Winning his first Intercontinental Title by defeating former two-time champion Tito Santana in a tournament final in 1990. He won his second title from Kerry Von Erich in 1991.
  • His Heel–Face Turn in 1992, joining Randy Savage in a tag team match at Survivor Series 1992 against Razor Ramon and Ric Flair.
    • This led to an even bigger Awesome moment for Mr. Perfect: in a Loser Leaves Town match on an early episode of Raw, he defeated Ric freakin' Flair, in a 20-minute clinic, to send him back to WCW.
  • Every WWF match he had with Bret Hart. Bret personally called Curt Hennig his favorite person to work with.
  • Hitting The Henningplex (Perfectplex) on The Giant on an edition on Nitro!
  • Most of those "perfect" vignettes. Well, even though they were edited pretty well, Curt did most of those things himself, including catching a hail mary pass that he'd thrown and bowling a perfect game.
  • He also had real talent as a commentator and was responsible for nicknames that became commonplace such as Triple H for Hunter Hearst Helmsley.