Awesome: Crusader Kings

The Main Games (Vanilia CK, CKII)
  • Any time you, the player, achieve something that seems impossible in the scope and the setting of the two games, such as unifying and establishing the Empire of Britannia early, or surviving in Abyssinia, or bring a fallen Dynasty back into prominence. You can achieve the impossible.
  • Leading a successful Crusade, and earning the admiration of your vassals and allies. Bonus points if you create the Kingdom of Jerusalem.
  • Seeing your plotting and political manoeuvring come to fruition as you ascend in power and prestige.
    • In the same vein, going from being a lord of a paltry 2 counties to owning a Kingdom consisting of 14 instead. Modest in the grand scheme, but still impressive.
    • Installing your dynasty onto the throne(s) of great kingdoms and empires, bringing prestige to your family name.
    • All of this goes double if you manage it within a single lifetime. Imagine being born as some count in a relatively impoverished backwater, and ending your days as one of the world's foremost rulers.
  • Victory through intrigue! Instantly ending an unwinnable claim war by assassinating the claimant. Isolating your enemies by assassinating the spouse who secures a powerful alliance. Tywin Lanister or the Salarians would be proud.
  • Using a proper understanding of the combat system - the mobility of ships, attrition, good commanders, retinue specialization, and terrain - to defeat bigger armies than your own!

The Expansions (Sword of Islam, Sunset Invasion,The Republic, The Old Gods, Sons of Abraham, Rajas of India)