Awesome / Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

  • Finding out that Serina started out as a D Rank and worked her way up to S Rank.
  • Chlotz may be the Butt-Monkey at times but he really pulls through when he's needed. One major example is tracking down the culprit who took secret pictures of his sister while she was changing. And doing it in less than an hour.
  • Wake taking down and interrogating two punks hired to assault and possibly rape Narika.
  • Serina single-handedly defeating a large monster that had been terrorizing the amusement park she grew up with using her bare hands!
  • Wake and Lucian storming the warehouse district to rescue Ellie from a Heretic.
  • One for the student body during Chloe's character arc when they stand up for her wishes to sing at a concert at the local field hospital.
  • The Monokuma battles. Sweet, SWEET payback against one of the WORST (read "Most evil") villains ever devised. Doubly true in the rematch fights against him when he is much, much harder but more satisfying to take down.