Awesome: Commando

The Comicbook

The Movie

The whole damn movie, but it wouldn't do it justice not to point out some key points.

  • John Matrix's Badass Boast to Sully:
    Matrix: You're a funny guy, Sully. I like you. ...That's why I'm gonna Kill You Last.
    Matrix: Remember Sully when I promised to kill you last?
    Sully: That's right, Matrix, you did!
    Matrix: I lied. [He drops Sully off the cliff]
    Sully: OOH LALAA!
  • Arnold's introduction, carrying a tree one-handed with no special effects assistance.
  • Simply this exchange of dialogue:
    Assassin: Fuck you asshole!
    The gun doesn't have any ammo.
    Matrix: Fuck you asshole!
  • Matrix is out of ammo. He is trapped by a dozen Mooks in a gardening shed. Weed-Whacking Ensues.
  • Matrix's fight against Bennett. Bennett is the only person in the entire film who actually stands any kind of chance against Matrix and even has him on the ropes at one point. John beats him by impaling him with a steam pipe.