Awesome / Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

Tiberium Wars

  • A television reporting Kane's death is switched Joseph Kucan.
  • The Avatar in C&C3, who speaks everything in a full-deadpan, evil Danger Deadpan voice.
    "Under control."
    "To dust."
  • The Mammoth tank's total confidence while being pitted against a alien freaking invasion
    Armor Superiority
    Flatten Them!
    Roll Over Them!
    Lets have some FUN!
    Close in!
  • The activation of Sonic Emitters in the GDI campaign. Your powerful GDI force is on the run from the alien Scrin, and entire battalion of Mammoth Tanks are being destroyed in the background by the alien hordes while you are desperately fighting to evacuate a small group of scientists in buses with a small force of your own while the whole city is being torn apart. Your GDI troops flee across a river and an engineer reactivates the sonic grid meant to reclamate the area, not fight a war. The emitters power up, and you hear the trademark sound of TWIII sonic weapons firing... Cue Scrin units blowing up and essentially ending their ground pursuit of your forces, with soldiers shouting how powerful the emitters are in awe. That is one heck of an introduction to one heck of a base defense.
  • GDI as a whole gets one. After several decades of peace, Nod comes out of nowhere, destroys their main command center (with most of their civilian leaders), takes the Ion Cannons offline and invades every single Blue Zone simultaneously. GDI takes the hit, fights off the assault, gears up, and pushes Nod back deep into the Yellow Zones. Then the Liquid Tiberium Bomb goes off and it looks like they've won... until the Scrin arrive, attacking cities all over the planet. GDI fights them off, turns around and successfully invades Red Zones destroying all of the Scrin towers but one. Kane may have succeeded in his objectives, and the Scrin may have been able to retreat, but on a tactical level, GDI crushed BOTH of them.

Kane's Wrath

  • The game is one long CMOA, but that's understandable when you've got an entire expansion focusing on that most Magnificent of Magnificient Bastards. When Kane reveals that he deliberately engineered Redmond Boyle's survival because he knew he'd act as an Unwitting Pawn and use the Ion Cannon on Temple Prime, Kane's capacity for the Xanatos Gambit reaches incredible proportions.
  • Alexa Kovacs briefly tops that by revealing that she set up Killian Qatar for an attack by Nod forces on Temple Prime, temporarily leaving Kane speechless.
  • The intro cutscene is, itself, a true CMOA for Kane himself. How awesome is this speech? Kane punctuates it with thunder and explosions.
    "Our enemies believe that we have been defeated, and that I am no longer among the living. They are gravely mistaken. You and I are all that remain, but all that is necessary. For together we shall raise a great army. Together, we shall show the world's downtrodden who the real enemy is! GDI promises them prosperity, but in the slums of Rio, the homeless and the hungry know the truth. They have been forgotten. They have nothing!....but their anger! We will take that spark and start a fire which will become a great conflagration! PEACE! THROUGH! POWER!!!!"