!!''Red Alert 3''

* President Ackerman, a walking, talking Moment of Awesome.
** His election campaign slogan? "Screw 'em all!" Vote for him, if you want to live.
** His position on illegal immigration? Attack dogs! No walls, no permits, just dogs. ''Attack'' dogs!
** "While the other candidates are serving special interests, I'm serving the Commies a steaming platter of ''shame,'' with a side order of ''suck it!''"
** He's so awesome that he's [[http://www.gametrailers.com/player/42085.html donating]] a pint of blood a week to the uninsured to make them indestructible.
** "You can twist my words, but I can twist that knee until it pops!"
** You want the real crowning moment? In the 2008 elections he actually received a fair few votes.
** Ackerman actually takes it UpToEleven after [[spoiler: his FaceHeelTurn, when he goes from awesome to CrazyAwesome. How crazy? He turned Mount Rushmore into a giant supervillain lair armed with {{Death Ray}}s and every other weapon of mass destruction you can think of... ''and no one even knew he had done so until he unveiled it''.]]
* The Game's most awesome/funny sequence is a mission where all you get is a conscript and a war bear and you are told to go kill TheEmperor of the Rising Sun. And you succeed, [[spoiler: although it's only a [[ActuallyADoombot robotic duplicate]]. Still, it buys enough time for your army to show up]].
* The Apocalypse Tank's new voice and quotes--all of which put the prior Apocalypse's voice to ''shame'':
-->"It is day of judgment"\\
"Bringing down the hammer"\\
"Taste your mortality"\\
"The Apocalypse has begun"\\
"Armageddon is here"\\
"They will run in fear"\\
"''I'' have the final say."
* Then [[UpToEleven it gets completely totalled]] by the Pacfier FAV, which literally has 3 emotions, Total Confidence, Absolute Confidence and [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs Totally Absolute Confidence]].
-->"Eliminate them"
-->"Cripple them"
-->"We'll put a stop to this"
-->"Erase them"
-->"They had their chance"
-->"Put them down"
-->"We have his name"
-->"We'll put them to rest"
-->"Watch as they buckle"
-->"We will Settle this"
-->"They won't matter soon"
-->"We know who they are"
* The game's opening invasion sequence. Wow, EA knows how to get it right. [[BrokenBase Well, sometimes]]...
* If you were disappointed with the [[SoLastSeason way your Rangers and similar become useless in earlier games,]] the second to last Empire mission involves you needing to shoot a helicopter with ''Jet Tengu'' being the most practical option!


* During Yuriko Omega's mini-campaign in ''Uprising'', she single-handedly a) destroys the Shiro Psychic Research facility, causing "many billions of yen" in damages; b) breaks out of cryo-prison and starts a riot among the Soviet and Imperial [=POWs=] that demolishes the entire camp, including ''two'' aircraft carriers, and c) comes ''back'' to Shiro, demolishes the place ''again'' despite their preparations, and caps the whole affair by taking down her EvilTwin "sister", Izumi.