Roleplay/ComicFuryWerewolf (and by extent, Mafia) was not originally focused on being awesome. However, as time passed, awesomeness began to become more and more important to the games, to the point where later-on they might as well be the reason people continued playing. As such, there has been quite a number of particularly awesome moments.


!!The Town
The goal of the town seems so simple: root out evil, and survive the night. Yet when it comes to the execution, this is often times a lot harder than it sounds. At many points in time, the Hosts of games will portray the villagers as an [[GoodIsDumb incompetent]] mob, fools ready to come to the slaughter--not unjustifiably so, with some of their experiences. However, it doesn't always play out that way. Certain players have gone out of their way to [[GoodIsNotDumb avoid proving that point]]. And these are the moments which best highlight their success as people not to be underestimated, as the wolves have multiple times found out only too late.

* Game 8. The town gives the werewolves the greatest CurbStompBattle of all time, by lynching the framer day one, and then both the werewolves in the following two days, and they only lost two villagers from nomming in the process.
* Game 6. Ranger--from the grave--manages to find both wolves while half the players are still alive. The town managed to win that game eventually as well. However, see the entry for Game 10 as for the consequences of this victory...
* Game 9. Ranger managed to develop a GameBreaker strategy based off of the setup, and using it, turned the game against the wolves fairly easily. It broke the "Even-odd" game curse with regards to town vs. wolf victories.
* Game 2. The Seer stayed alive the entire game, and nailed all three wolves back to back.

!!The Wolves
The baddies whose goal is opposite of the villagers, they are the namesake of the game. As such, many see them as the stars of the show, and given how incompetent towns can sometimes be, it's no surprise as to why. They have had a fair share of victories, each impressive enough to last for games after their completion. Here are just a few of the more memorable ones.

* Game 1. The werewolves win in one of the [[EpicFail largest town failures]], where the town lynched the Seer, and then, the one person the Seer suspected: the Guardian. The town thought there was only one werewolf, so they never saw the next day.
* Game 5. The wolves nom the Seer, and lynch the Guardian.
* Game 10 is one of the most fun games of Werewolf so far, but the result was one of the most definite wolf victories of all time. It was flawless, with [[spoiler: every single role dead. '''Ouch.''']]
** To give some elaboration, everyone knew the first two wolves were [[spoiler: Ice and Espeh]] on the last day. The third one, nobody did. [[spoiler: Sarge]]--the deceased Seer--thought it was [[spoiler: Ranger]]. [[spoiler: Ranger]] went back and forth between it being [[spoiler: [=SuperPie=]]] and [[spoiler: Brad]], but didn't think it was [[spoiler: Salty]]. So the wolves successfully managed to hide from everyone who their convert actually was. This was just the ending, however. The impressiveness of the feat extended well beyond the last day.
*** Near the beginning of the game, [[spoiler: Ranger]] sent a PM to [[spoiler: Ice the Frosty Cat]], attempting to ascertain his alignment. [[spoiler: Frosty]] managed to get his trust, and this allowed [[spoiler: him]] to get away with many things that [[spoiler: Frosty]] would otherwise be unable to get away with if not for the support of [[spoiler: Ranger]].
*** This extended to [[spoiler: Frosty]]'s partner-in-crime, [[spoiler: Espeh]], who--thanks to [[spoiler: her]] ties with [[spoiler: Frosty]]--knew exactly what needed to be done in order to manipulate [[spoiler: Ranger]] to [[spoiler: her]] side. [[spoiler: Espeh]] also knew that if it didn't work, then [[spoiler: Frosty]] would be able to get [[spoiler: Espeh]] out of trouble, without either of them taking the fall: if anyone would have, it would have been [[spoiler: Ranger]] who was taken down, as [[spoiler: Espeh and Frosty know each other in real life and knew they'd defend each other regardless of whether they were wolves or town]], and therefore it wouldn't be suspicious.
*** To further hide their actions, they killed and converted semi-random targets until the conversion was completed, preventing anyone (especially [[spoiler: Ranger]]) from locking onto a trend, as there was no trend to have been had. Once completed, however, their kills became far more logical, yet thanks to their earlier kills, no clear pattern could be made.
*** And because [[spoiler: Ranger]] was left alive, despite his hints that he was beginning to suspect [[spoiler: Frosty]], the town began to become suspicious not of [[spoiler: Frosty, the actual wolf]], but of [[spoiler: Ranger, for living so long]]. And for [[spoiler: Ranger]]'s part, he convinced himself in an IKnowYouKnowIKnow moment that if [[spoiler: Frosty]] was really a wolf, then [[spoiler: Frosty]] would have killed [[spoiler: Ranger]] for being too much of a threat. While [[spoiler: Ranger]] figured out that [[spoiler: Frosty]] was a wolf eventually, he thought due to the above that [[spoiler: Frosty]] was the convert, and therefore that the "original two" needed to be found first.
*** To add insult to injury, [[spoiler: Frosty]]'s manipulation caused [[spoiler: Ranger to convince]] the mercenary not to kill [[spoiler: Espeh]], who the mercenary suspected. And because of the seer's suspicion of [[spoiler: Espeh]], due to a guilty read on [[spoiler: her]], [[spoiler: Ranger]] caused [[spoiler: the seer to be lynched]].
*** On the last day, it looked like a wolf would be lynched, yet as part of a last-ditch gambit to catch the last wolf, [[spoiler: Ranger unvoted]], hoping to catch the last wolf voting. It worked! [[spoiler: Salty]] voted, revealing [[spoiler: himself]] to be the last wolf. But as it turned out, that's because [[spoiler: Ranger's plan was doomed to fail]], due to time zone differences. As a result, [[spoiler: the sheriff]] was lynched, and along with it, [[spoiler: no role was left alive]], leaving the wolves to win the game.
** Needless to say, words fail to convey the awesomeness involved. It's something you have to see in order to believe.

!!The Hosts
While the town and the wolves have both had their moments of awesome, let us not forget the hosts who made it possible. While they mostly just host the game and have nothing beyond that to say, certain times have proven that even a host can do something incredibly awesome.
* Kristy, game 10. (And later, game 20.) In both cases, the game was littered with more [[ContinuityNod continuity nods]] than pretty much any other game, filled with IronicEcho after ironic echo. Beyond that, both games were considered some of the most fun of all time. It was one of the longest games at the time, and was the most viewed game at the time, gaining '''10,000 views''', and an (at the time) impressive 25 pages.
** As an added bonus, Kristy's artwork was so amazing that people '''''wanted''''' to die, just so that they could get a scene with her artwork.
* Frosty. His first hosted game (VII) was the first game to use images, a CMOA itself. However, his art underwent MASSIVE [[ArtEvolution evolution]] when he took on game 12, and the plot was epic enough that it rivaled Kristy's game. It's no wonder why when he collaborated with Kristy in Werewolf XX that things were amazing.



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