Awesome / Clue

  • Mr. Green in the third ending. After being the Plucky Comic Relief and a complete coward the entire movie he gets his moment when Wadsworth reveals he's the real blackmailer and Mr. Green, actually an undercover FBI agent, pulls out a gun and shoots him. When the FBI arrives and asks to know who killed him Mr. Green calmly tells them "I did. In the hall. With the revolver. (...) I'm gonna go home and sleep with my wife." Smile and walk away.
    • You forgot the best part was Mr. Green backing up his repeated claim of not being the culprit by shouting "Told you I didn't do it!" before opening the door and letting the FBI in.
      • Made even better by the fact that he was the only person in all three endings (four if you count the unused ending) to NOT commit a murder.
      • What's more, he doesn't just pull out the gun and shoot Wadsworth. Green lands a fatal shot after performing a quickdraw on someone who was already pointing a gun at him. The whole maneuver is so impressive, Wadsworth actually gives him a shocked compliment as he dies.
  • Wadsworth gets one for his epic delivery of The Summation.
    • "To make a long story short, ..."
      • "Too late!"
  • I can't be the only one who cheered a little when Mrs. White gave Mr. Boddy a well deserved knee to the crotch after finding out he was the blackmailer and he unfairly fought against Colonel Mustard Stooges style.
  • The film must have been quite the acting challenge for most of the cast. Because of the multiple endings, there are scenarios in which a character is guilty of murder and/or has a secret identity and other scenarios where they are innocent. So the actors had to play both realities simultaneously and make them seem equally plausible. They managed to pull it off very well.