[[WMG:From the film]]
* Autua proving himself not to be just a random black slave, skillfully working a ship's rigging for its crew to see.
* Mr. Meeks in the bar. [[spoiler: "Are there no true Scotsmen in the house?!"]]
* Hae Joo breaking Sonmi out of prison, an action sequence worthy of ''{{The Matrix}}''.
* Zachry and Meronym vs the Kona warriors.
* Cavendish and the other seniors busting out of the retirement-home-turned-prison. "Looking for freedom" indeed.
* Doubles as a [[CrowningMomentOfFunny CMOF]], but the Mexican woman [[spoiler: saving Luisa and Joe from the assassin and bludgeoning him to death counts.]]
* "I will not be subjected to criminal abuse." A desperate, crazed statement from an old man at the end of his rope, which becomes a silly line in a movie...which then inspires a slave to strike out against her oppressors.