Awesome / Civil War

For the Marvel Comics Civil War

  • It may not be awesome in terms of action, but it still counts. Spider-Man, after changing sides and joining Captain America's side, wants to know how can Captain America cope with the idea of stading for something that goes against the opinion of the vast majority of the country. This is his awesome answer.
  • Of course, Iron Man had his own moment of an awesome speech to justify his point. See it here
  • Amazing. Spectacular!
  • Captain America vs. Spider-Man. During one of the tie-ins, the two end up having a throwdown in an alley that ends in a draw. With Cap ruthlessly exploiting Spider-Man's hero worship of him to even the field against Spider-Man's superior physicals
  • Hercules destroying Clor with his own hammer cemented Hercules into full Ensemble Darkhorse in the sixith issue.
  • Herc gets another one in the 4th issue. Cap is on the receiving end of a very one-sided beatdown from Iron Man. Cue Hercules coming in with a gigantic metal globe and beating down Iron Man with it, allowing others to rescue Cap
    • Cap gets points for his (usual) sheer tenacity to keep fighting despite the beatdown
    • Iron Man gets one for not listening to his base feelings and refusing to attack Cap physically and resorting to sonics to put him down. Cap still doesn't go down though