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Awesome: Chris Jericho
  • Jericho's 1999 debut on Raw is War.
    • And his return in 2007 - the "Second Coming" - also on Raw.
    • Jericho did it AGAIN, as he has been relevaled to be the one behind the "It begins" videos that popped up on RAW at 2011's end.
    • Jericho's return at the 2013 Royal Rumble at #2 to face Dolph Ziggler. The fans tore the roof off the building when his music hit.
  • Jericho beating Austin and Rock in the same night in back-to-back matches to become the first WWE Undisputed Champion, which to this day is often used as a Remember When You Blew Up a Sun? reference.
    • Jericho would also beat both men at the next two PPV's: Rock at the Royal Rumble and Austin at No Way Out. It took God-Mode Sue Triple H to beat him at Wrestlemania
  • Beating The Two-Man Power Trip of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & Triple H for the WWF Tag Team Championships with Chris Benoit on RAW and retaining the titles in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match against The Hardy Boyz, Edge & Christian and The Dudley Boyz on Smack Down! later that week.
  • A real life CMOA was his series of CNN interviews following Chris Benoit's murder-suicide, during which he acted as an intelligent and well-spoken ambassador for pro wrestling, correcting a lot of Nancy Grace's Critical Research Failures.
  • Established himself as a Bad Ass backstage after trapping Goldberg in a front face lock. (Reports differ as to how long Jericho had Goldberg in the hold, and whether he let it go on his own, was pulled off by other wrestlers/security, or Goldberg broke out of it, though Jericho mentioned the fight in his second autobiography and says some of the boys had to pull him off a limp Goldberg.)
  • In 2000, a weekly occurrence on Raw & SmackDown was Jericho insulting Stephanie McMahon for no other reason than he found it funny. Eventually, Triple H got sick of Jericho insulting his wife, so Jericho goaded him into a WWE championship match. And won. Granted, Triple H forced the referee to reverse the decision before the end of the show, but the moment the referee counted three? Just watch the crowd reaction.
  • When winning the Undisputed Championship in 2001, Jericho became one of eleven "Grand Slam Champions", meaning he was at different points in his career a WWE Champion, a World Tag Team Champion, an Intercontinental champion, and a European Champion. As time went on, the WWE started to recognize World Heavyweight Championship, Hardcore Championship and WWE Tag Team Championship reigns as part of the Grand Slam (ex. the Hardcore Title substitutes for the European, WHC for WWE Title, etc.), titles that Jericho has held or came to hold since their inclusion. In 2009 (by winning the WWE Tag Team title with Edge), Jericho became the only man in the company's history to hold every single title in the Grand Slam, and because the Hardcore, European, and World Tag Team titles are inactive, no one else will ever have that distinction.
    • The latest Grand Slam Champion, Christian, could since he already won all the defunct titles but he'd have to win the WWE Championship and WWE Tag Team belts. As it stands, Jericho is only the man with that distinction and, chances are, will remain that way.
  • Jericho has generally had great difficulty against both John Cena and Triple H, but this sequence, in which he pinned Cena, put him in the Walls of Jericho and then hit a Codebreaker on Triple H, was a fantastic Two Minutes of Awesome for Jericho. (Granted, he had The Big Show helping him, but still).
  • Chris Jericho holds the record for most Intercontinental championship reigns, 9 separate reigns as of June 7, 2009. To put that in perspective, the next highest number of IC title reigns is 6, shared by Jeff Jarrett and Rob Van Dam, neither of whom will probably ever be in a WWE ring ever again (for various reasons), much less be IC champ again.
    • Well, Van Dam has returned, so maybe it'll be subverted.
  • Jericho's feud in WCW with Goldberg. Not for the feud itself, but for Jericho standing up for his ideas despite constant attempts from Goldberg and Eric Bischoff to shut the whole idea down. This culminated in Jericho being called to Bischoff's office with both Goldberg and Hulk Hogan waiting to tell Jericho to end it all. Jericho successfully got them to allow him to do one more bit that night and if the crowd didn't react he'd drop it. Of course, the crowd went wild during the show (the end result was Goldberg finally getting some revenge by spearing Jericho on the ramp). After the show Hogan approached Jericho in the common locker room (a place Hogan never visited) and praised him for standing his ground and even admitted the Jericho was right and Hogan, Bischoff and Goldberg were wrong.
  • From the other side of the coin Chris Jericho getting pelted with Degeneration X merchandise after insulting the crowd one too many times.
  • Although he was a heel and a thorough Jerkass at the time, it is worth mentioning Unforgiven 2008. After a violent feud with Shawn Michaels that included Jericho socking Michaels's wife in the face, it all came to a head at Unforgiven 2008, where Jericho withstood an enraged Shawn's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown in an "Unsanctioned Street Fight". It was so bad that the ref simply called for the bell while Jericho was locked in a submission, completely out cold. But this isn't the awesome part: later in the night CM Punk was assaulted backstage during an interview, which took him out of the Championship Scramble main event. The match itself proceeded as planned until what was supposed to be Punk's entrance...and instead of Punk, out stumbles Chris Jericho, who inserted himself into the match. Despite all the punishment he suffered earlier, he won the match, which marked the beginning of his first World Heavyweight Championship reign.
  • Extreme Rules 2009. Jericho not only defeats Rey Mysterio in a No Holds Barred match for the Intercontinental Championship, but the awesome counter that lead to him winning? Jericho counters a 619 by pulling Rey's mask off in one smooth motion, and then gets a schoolboy rollup for the win, leaving Rey to shrink back to the locker room with his hands over his face. He guaranteed to unmask Rey, and win the title, and he accomplished both of those things within five seconds of each other.
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