Awesome / Chris Claremont

  • Look at it like this - he took over the revival of Lee and Kirby's least successful early Marvel comic, and over a record-breaking seventeen years, he turned it into a pop-culture juggernaut that literally changed superhero comics (and not always for the better - though that was after his time), then would later change superhero movies too, all while fleshing out his characters into real, affecting, relatable people to an extent rarely (if ever) matched in mainstream superhero comics. Chris Claremont is the X-Men.
  • Avengers Annual #10, the one where Rogue first appears. The awesome is in Claremont having Carol Danvers give an absolutely epic combination of What the Hell, Hero? and "The Reason You Suck" Speech both to the Avengers and, in effect, to an earlier writer of the title. The reason? A previous storyline had Carol mind controlled into believing she loved a Reality Warper, who then had her sleep with him so she'd bear him in a form that he could use to escape an alternate dimension. When Carol shows up in that issue pregnant, the Avengers act as if it was a joyous event, and joke and gag around with her. Claremont, in Avengers Annual 10, calls it the rape that it was, shows that Carol was horribly emotionally scarred by it, and calls out both characters and writer for making light of such a traumatic event.