Awesome / Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

  • The scene near the end of the film, when all the children storm the castle and capture the evil Baron, the Baroness annnd the Child Catcher.
  • "Me Old Bamboo". Dick Van Dyke was 44 when he did that dancing, and it damn near killed him, but it looks awesome.
  • "Doll On A Music Box." Sally Ann Howes does such an amazing job at moving like a rigid mechanical doll that it's no wonder the court was fooled. Oh, also, she does it twice in a row. And she only needed ONE take. She claimed that the choreography was quite difficult, and doubtless she rehearsed a lot, given that she's said she wasn't much of a dancer, but she remembers the scene with well-deserved pride and fondness.
    • Dick Van Dyke deserves some credit for his floppy puppet act, too.
  • Chitty's post-renovation reveal. Overlaps with Car Porn.