Awesome / Child of Light

  • Aurora pulling out the Sword of Mahthildis, then bravely facing off against a dark creature.
  • Successfully pulling off an interrupt can be really satisfying, and can change the course of a fight.
  • Some attacks look pretty awesome in their own right:
    • Aurora's All-Slash animation looks really cool.
    • Her light spells are also amazing, especially at higher levels.
    • Óengus's quake may require care to pull off, but it's devastatingly powerful.
  • Pretty much any boss fight. The music is suitably epic.
  • The escape from the Forgotten Tower.
  • Beating Cordelia's dragon form. The battle itself has a different boss music with a more epic theme, and an equally awesome backdrop of a storm and a ruined castle. Even lampshaded after the fight:
    Finn: "We jus' killed a dragon! What a team!"
  • At the end of the game, where Aurora's party members stand up against Queen Umbra. Each of them raise their sword for one another's races, showing the bond they've grown. And the first one to do so is Genovefa. She notes that these events are greater than herself and her family, and declares with the others that she stands with the other races. Considering what she went through, and that she blames Umbra for it, it's truly awesome to see her say this.
  • Really, the entire final fight is quite epic.