Awesome / Chibi-Robo!

  • The finale of Chibi-Robo!, which not only perfectly connects and explains all the bizarre, seemingly-disconnected elements of the plot, but pits your character, a tiny, four-inch tall robot with only a low-powered sonic blaster used mainly to remove stickers, against a Boombox-sized, quadrapedal spider robot that incapacitates the Sanderson family and hangs them from the ceiling, attaches a ton of random junk to its body (including a refrigerator) to protect itself, and flips the entire living room upside down. Yet, against all odds, you manage to prevail-not only physically, but in your main, ongoing goal to make people happy and restore harmony to easily the most fucked-up family ever.
    • The only moment that could possible hope to match is the resurrection of Giga-Robo. You would think a robot just walking upstairs and outside isn't what you'd call awesome. You'd be dead wrong.