Awesome / Cha$e (game show)

  • Dianne from episode 2 gets this, just getting more awesome as the episode moves along. She's the smallest player, and is on a team that completes the first mission in second place. She ends up as one of only two players not to get a Deflector, as well as one of only two players who loses her map. For a while, both she and Lucy, the other player with no Deflector or map, wander around carefully and aimlessly, mocked by two Jerk Ass male contestants, Tyler and Shane (who is the first person eliminated), who make sexist remarks about them. Then Dianne gets her hands on a Sonic Stunner that other players got too scared to get due to alarms in the area. They then team up with another player, Wahed, who lends them his map to check out where they are, but he runs off scared when he spots a hunter, leaving the two women with a map. At that point, Lucy decides to opt out of the game, taking home $2,000 and leaving the map to Dianne, while Dianne, saving herself with her Stunner and remaining stealthy through the rest of the time, makes it to being one of only three players remaining. When she and Tyler are running to the exit point, Tyler passes her at the very last second, reaching the gate marked as the finish line, except one second later, Dianne pushes through the gate, taking the victory right from under an incredulous Tyler's nose. So Dianne and Lucy, the two players who started off in the weakest position and got mocked by Tyler and Shane, were the only players who went home with money.