Awesome / Charmed

  • The sisters end up in a courtroom full of demons. Blindsided, they barricaded themselves in a office with fireballs being thrown at the door. They've never been in a proper battle up to this point. Then they decide they're tired of always being on the defensive and take a level in badass.
  • The creators tried to give everyone their fair share, but some that stand out are:
  • Cole killing the Triad in his lonesome. Despite them being far more powerful, he kills them all in his lonesome, something never replicated by anybody without help in the series, ever. Watch
    • The best part? He was injured and bleeding during it, so he was not 100%. He still kicked ass.
  • At one point in the series, Leo grabs Chris mid-orb, yanks him back into solidness, and bodyslams him. Probably not the best father-son moment they ever have, but also not something we ever see on the show again.
  • The Charmed Ones dads have their moments as well
    • Victor, the Charmed Ones father, gets one as well. When Piper was about to give birth, the entire magical community being depowered at that time, two demons came into the house a took Piper hostage, with Phoebe and Paige unable to vanquish them since they had knife to Piper's throat and were standing too close to her. Despite being stabbed by one of them previously, he crawls down the stairs, grabs the demon who had the knife to his daughter's throat, and throws him over his head. He also elevated himself into a Badass Grandpa through this.
    • Sam, the former Whitelighter of Patty, the Charmed Ones mother, later revealed to be Paige's father lets a demon possess him, and then electrocutes himself, killing them both. Through it he also gets his revenge on the demon for killing Patty and saves Prue from death.