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Awesome: Charlie Chaplin
Short movies
  • A Dogs Life:
    • The tramp saving the dog from other hungry hounds.
    • Completely owning the two criminals.
  • Shoulder Arms has many (capturing 13 soldiers, then the generals and winning the war) which sadly don't count since it was All Just a Dream.

The Kid

The Gold Rush
  • When the little fellow accidently knocks Jack out. Also when he proudly tries to keep him away from Georgia.
  • For Big Jim, taking over Larsen's shack after fighting him.
  • The entire scene with the shack rocking over the cliff (ending with Big Jim saving the little fellow)

The Circus
  • The whole funambule scene.
    • Also, Chaplin was doing the stunt himself. The first rushes of the movie where burnt, so Chaplin had to it another time!
      • Including the scene where he gets trapped with a freaking LION!
  • The tramp giving Merna's abusive father a black eye.
  • The tramp selflessly letting Merna marrying his rival, to make sure she's happy, and even leaving the circus to wander off alone. Considering all he did to have her before, it deserves a place here.

City Lights
  • The boxing match. Even though the Tramp doesn't win, it is both a hilarious and awesome fight.

Modern Times
  • The Tramp fighting the criminals trying to escape jail (even though they have weapons and muscle). Sort of subverted since he had accidently taken white powder.
  • The Tramp's determination all through the film to find a job to help the gamin. Even at the end, he convinces her to keep going.
  • The nonsencial song. Extra points for being the first time Chaplin ever "talks" on screen.

The Great Dictator
  • The barber saving Shultz's life.
  • The barber resisting all the soldiers assaulting his shop, even throwing paint in their faces!
    • Also for Hannah, every time she gives them a good hit with her pan.
  • For Shultz, being the only one to actually face Hynkel and insulting his persecutions of the jews.
  • Hannah's bravery against all troops.
  • The final speech. Nothing more that can be said on it, really. You have to listen for yourselves.

Monsieur Verdoux
  • Wether you sympathize with the main character or not, his final speeches about the irony of being called a monster when warriors are heroes is pretty disturbing. And smooth...


Real life
  • Chaplin doing all his stunts. Jackie Chan was inspired by many of them.
  • Almost all Chaplin's movies are praised for their depiction of society in the first half 20th century.
  • In what turned out to be the start of the Hollywood blacklist by the House Un-American Activities Committee, there were rumors that chairman J. Parnell Thomas would subpoena Chaplin to defend his loyalty. Chaplin sent a preemptive telegram telling Thomas he could have save the taxpayers money by calling him collect on the matter. Chaplin went on to conclude, "In order to be completely up-to-date on my thinking I suggest you review my latest production, Monsieur Verdoux. It is against war and the futile slaughter of youth. I trust you will not find its humane message distasteful. While you are preparing your engraved subpoena I will give you a hint on where I stand. I am not a Communist. I am a peacemonger."*
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