Awesome / Charlie Adler

  • For starters, he can make his voice actually sound like a girl's (as seen with Cow and Buster Bunny in drag).
  • Playing frickin' Cobra Commander.
  • Playing a master mechanic who was previously a cop and became a vigilante fighter jock with a custom jet.
  • He, like fellow voice actor Billy West, is known for literally Talking to Himself, recording full conversations between two or more characters in one continuous take.
    • In an interview, both Carlos Alazraqui and Tom Kenny claimed that they met him as he was recording a heated conversation between the Bigheads and were literally terrified of his insane talent (and even a little of the man himself).
  • As mentioned on the main page, Adler starred in a short film called No Prom for Cindy, a teen dramedy about a teenage girl questioning her sexuality, with the twist being that the teenage girl is being played by a middle-aged man as if it was a perfectly legitimate casting choice (it was actually done because Adler believes that an actor can pull a perfect performance even if he or she is miscast). The performance netted Adler a Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films Jury Award of Merit and acclaim for realistically depicting a teenage girl's struggle with her sexuality.