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Awesome: Chaos Rings
Awesome Moments in Chaos Rings (BEWARE: SPOILERS) —-

  • The first time Ayuta's eyes change to gold, and your stats were all boosted.
    • And later on, when he heals Mana/Shea from a mortal wound out of what appears to be sheer willpower.

  • At the end of the Final Story, when your fight with the Qualia causes the future to have hope in defeating the Qualia, at which point several star ships arrive and blast the hell out of the Qualia.

  • Zhamo temporarily defeating the Executioner, something that only two others could do.
    • One would be Olgar, although you could expect it from because...well, you know.
      • Almost more shocking than Zhamo's was Mana defeating the Executioner, using her lifeforce as ammunition for her bow.

  • Escher dodging Musiea's sneak attack. Backwards.

  • How about Piu-Piu for discovering TIME TRAVEL?
    • AND Immortality!
      • AND for being the hardest boss in the game?
      • AND for the players who can actually beat him!!

  • Olgar for defeating Eluca and Zhamo singlehandedly. Without drawing his weapon.
    • More like a Crowning Moment of Jerk Ass. Seriously, he's pretty much Immortal and they're two kids.

  • There's quite a few moments in the prequel, Omega.
    • There's Vieg beating his own father-in-law of a badass.
    • Right in the beginning, his entire family, half of the Ark's participants, standing up to the Agent...
    • Slightly less heroically, Yorath one-shotting the Agent.
    • In quite a subversion, for those who played both games, Ayuta being in pretty much the exact same position with Kushina as he is 10,000 years later with Shea, except that this time she dies...
    • And then he gets his guts ripped out of his body by a psychotic girl.
    • I can't believe nobody mentioned the scene right after Vieg defeated his father-in-law. He basically singlehandedly deflected the Executioners attack and then proceeded beating the hell out of it. It should be noted that the executioner was one of the later bosses in the first game!
    • YMMV, but the scene where Olgar performed a heroic sacrifice, saving Vahti and Ohm in the process WHILE WALKING THROUGH LAVA!! Also qualifies as a Tearjerker

  • Chaos Rings II isn't lacking either:
    • The first time an Awakening is seen, it tears down a boss in one move.
    • The Advent mechanism takes things to another level, allowing for the player to instantly Party Wipe a group of monsters.
    • In the real ending, Darwin gaining the only lvl. 3 Awakening, Godslayer, and proceeding to thrash Amon while shrouded in glowing marks. Right after this, he does the same thing, except this time he tears apart the entire space station that the game takes place in.
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