* How do you unlock the Vampire Killer's full power? By defeating the Whip's Memory, which is [[spoiler:a recreation of the last Belmont who used the Vampire Killer--in this case, [[VideoGame/CastlevaniaRondoOfBlood Richter Belmont]]. He is often stated to be the strongest Belmont in the clan, only rivaled by [[VideoGame/CastlevaniaChroniclesOfSorrow Julius "Killed Dracula for Real" Belmont]], yet Jonathan fights him ''[[DuelBoss alone]].'' So when he finally gets to use the Vampire Killer ''properly'', he's shown himself to be as badass as [[BadassFamily the Belmonts]].]] Even better? Said boss is weak to the Dark element, and one weapon with this element is the [[PieInTheFace Cream Pie]]. So you get to beat [[spoiler:Richter]] with [[LethalJokeWeapon pies]].
%%* [[spoiler:Meteor.]]
* The locomotive on 13th Street is a true [[Funny/CastlevaniaPortraitOfRuin WTF moment]] when you first encounter it. Actually ''stopping'' the train? Awesome.
* [[spoiler:Death and Dracula teaming up]] in the final battle!!!
** [[spoiler: Especially when Death intercepts the heroes before the battle:]]
--> [[spoiler: '''Death''': You will not touch Lord Dracula! This time, let's fight for real!]]
** And then, when [[spoiler: Death]] takes enough damage, the ''final'' final battle begins...
-->'''Death:''' ''[[spoiler: [[WhamLine My power! Use my power!]]'']]
-->'''Dracula:''' ''[[spoiler: [[LetsGetDangerous Soul]] [[OneWingedAngel Ste]][[DevourTheDragon al!!]]'']]