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Awesome: Castlevania I
aka: Castlevania 1986
  • Many people regard Simon as one of the best Belmonts. With no allies, no spells, no item crashes, no double-jumps, not even any midair jump control, he was able to storm Dracula's Castle and take down Vlad. And when he heard he was dying of a curse, he gathered Dracula's body parts and proceeded to kill him again!
  • How about the end of the first part of the Dracula battle, when Simon whips Dracula's head clean off, sending it flying right into the sky!
  • Actually beating the game. Hey, Dracula! WORD TO YOUR MOTHERRRRR!
  • This corruption makes Simon Belmont even more awesome. As soon as he enters a room everything dies.

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alternative title(s): Castlevania 1986
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