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Awesome: Burgess Bedtime Stories
  • Billy Mink boasts that he can do anything anyone who wears fur can do. Grandfather Frog contradicts him and invites many other mammal characters to show off their talents. At first Billy is capable of the same things they are (if only at a basic level) until Grandfather Frog reveals his trump card: Flitter the Bat.
  • "Spotty the Turtle Wins a Race." Exactly What It Says on the Tin. More specifically, Peter Rabbit, Reddy Fox, Billy Mink, and Spotty the Turtle all have a race where they have to run across the Green Meadows past a pond and back, bringing back a hickory nut to show they'd actually reached their destination. Spotty the Turtle hangs onto Reddy's tail as the others race off, dropping off at the pond, easily swimming across. He takes a hickory nut and buries the others. Reddy and Peter, preferring not to swim, run around the pond, while Billy takes his time, deciding to race ahead through the pond only when the other two have almost reached the other end. However, when all three come to the hickory tree they are unable to find any nuts, and as they spend their time looking for some Spotty slowly but surely walks back to the start line, winning the race.
  • Spotty being the first (among Billy Mink, Little Joe Otter, Jerry Muskrat, and Grandfather Frog) to find out what is keeping the Smiling Pond from being filled with water, the others having stopped along the way to laze around and do other things.
  • Every time Johnny Chuck fights Reddy Fox. Honestly, anytime Johnny fights period.
  • When Miss Fuzzytail is attacked by Black Pussy, Peter Rabbit, normally a non-combatant, leaps onto the cat and kicks her straight into a tree.
  • Jerry Muskrat is driven from his home by a large mink and retreats to his secret castle between the underwater roots of a tree. Eventually the mink discovers that hideout as well, and unfortunately Jerry is home. Unfortunate for the mink, that is. With Jerry blocking the entire hallway with his body, there's no room for the mink to dodge around, and its attempts to attack just end with it getting bitten by Jerry's sharp teeth. Jerry advances until the mink is forced out of the doorway, by which point the mink is "the worst-whipped mink in all the Smiling Pool".
    • In a later story Jerry does the same thing to Billy Mink and Mrs. Billy at the same time.
    • He also pulls it off against Shadow the Weasel, saving Peter Rabbit and Mrs. Peter from one of their worst enemies.
    • On that note, Mrs. Jerry directly attacking a mink out in the open to drive him away from her young, fighting him to a standstill. The mink leaves.
  • Old Man Coyote surprises Paddy the Beaver on land. Paddy tries to fight, but is too clumsy to defend himself effectively on land. The struggle rolls both of them into the water, however. Now in his element, Paddy drags Old Man Coyote deep beneath the surface and soon it is Old Man Coyote that is trying to get away. Finally when Old Man Coyote manages to reach shore, he slinks away in shame and Paddy wins much respect from his neighbors.
    • Even more impressively, Paddy does the same thing to Glutton the Wolverine, someone that could give even Buster Bear a good fight.
  • Farmer Brown's boy traps Shadow the Weasel, who has been terrorizing Happy Jack Squirrel, in a cage. Many of the other animals surround the cage and jeer at Shadow, telling him his end has come, but throughout his ordeal Shadow shows absolutely no fear and remains a wild animal through and through. Eventually Farmer Brown's boy is so impressed with his courage that he sets Shadow free.
  • Reddy Fox decides to try and catch one of Shadow the Weasel's children. Big mistake. Shadow bounds out of nowhere and hangs on to Reddy's lower jaw. Dodging Reddy's attempts to get him off, Shadow maintains his hold until he sees Mrs. Reddy coming to Reddy's aid, by which point Reddy no longer has any appetite for young weasels. Watching the fight are Shadow's potential prey, who normally hate him, and they're all extremely impressed.
  • Jimmy Skunk mistakenly thinks that the animal living inside a hollow stump is a mouse and tries to pull it out, only to find that it's actually Shadow the Weasel. Shadow latches onto Jimmy's throat. Having no real quarrel with Shadow, Jimmy retreats after getting free. Later on, he actually says that Shadow's independence is a credit to their familynote . Considering how often Shadow is portrayed negatively, that's big.
  • Surprised by Hooty the Owl, Jimmy Skunk fires his scent. Normally this alone wouldn't have saved him (Hooty being the only predator that doesn't mind the scent itself), but Jimmy nails Hooty right in the eyes, blinding the owl long enough for Jimmy to escape.
  • Having successfully chased the gray squirrel family from their food multiple times, Robber the Rat thinks he'll have no trouble when he sees Happy Jack feeding all alone one day. Instead of running away, this time Happy Jack meets Robber's charge. What follows can only be described as a Curb-Stomp Battle. Had Robber not escaped down a hole in time, Happy Jack would have killed him.
    • Later in that story arc, Happy Jack corners Black Pussy.
  • Bowser's first encounter with Digger the Badger. Furious that Digger is not scared of him, Bowser attacks, but Digger proves himself more than capable of keeping his word and Bowser treats him with respect thereafter.
  • Johnny Chuck, Jerry Muskrat, and Mrs. Jerry are threatened by Reddy and Mrs. Reddy when they feed in a cornfield. With Johnny not liking his chances against two foxes and the muskrats unlikely to be able to fend off the foxes one on one, the three stick together, maintaining formation so that they present their teeth to the foxes at all times.
    • However, with the muskrats becoming increasingly nervous and wanting to flee towards water, Johnny realizes they can't maintain formation forever. That's when Jimmy Skunk shows up. Jimmy immediately sees what's going on but pretends not to, ambling about as though he just happened to feel like getting between the foxes and their desired prey while making small talk at the same time. The best part is when Reddy tells Jimmy that he has half a mind to kill him, and Jimmy just replies pleasantly, "Do try it, please do try it." Jimmy then escorts both the muskrats and Johnny to safety, much to the consternation of the foxes.
  • Chased to the very top of a tall tree by Billy Mink, Chatterer the Red Squirrel finally makes his escape by jumping down from the treetop straight to the ground.
  • Peter Rabbit laughs at the idea of Lightfoot the Deer ever hurting anyone. Lightfoot springs forward, stamping his hooves and swinging his antlers, and Peter immediately changes his opinion.
  • Buster Bear meets Lightfoot the Deer underneath a beechnut tree and tries to drive him away so that he can have all the nuts to himself. Lightfoot's response is to give him a Reason You Suck Speech and wave his antlers in his face. Buster Bear wisely backs off and allows Lightfoot to partake in the feast.
    • Later, when Buster boasts to Lightfoot that he didn't truly fear anyone except for man, he soon reveals himself to also be afraid of venomous snakes when he encounters Buzztail the Rattlesnake. Not only does Lightfoot attempt to trample Buzztail, he even adds that he has little fear of snakes, being quick enough to lay his hooves on them before they can strike. Buster is rightly impressed.
  • While leading an injured young grouse through the forest, Mrs. Grouse comes across some hunters' pointer dogs. Telling the young grouse to hide, Mrs. Grouse stays on the ground until two hunters arrive. She then runs directly into the hunters' path (instead of flying as they'd expect) and takes off only when she is directly between them. Not wanting to accidentally shoot each other, the hunters do not fire. Mrs. Grouse dodges behind a tree before they can aim again. The dogs lead the hunters off in the direction Mrs. Grouse went, and a gunshot is heard. For a tearjerking moment the young grouse thinks his mother has been killed... until she reveals herself to be in the same thicket as he is, having only stayed long enough to mislead the dogs and flown back around to the thicket without being seen.
    Mrs. Grouse: Did you see me fool them?
  • Scrapper the Kingbird takes on King Eagle and drives him away.
    • Hummer the Hummingbird, who is even smaller, manages the same thing.
  • King Eagle sees Dipper the Grebe with a fish and commands him to drop it, as he often does to other fishing birds. Dipper just dives below the surface and swims away. (Granted, Graywing the Gull then manages to steal the fish, which is in turn taken by King Eagle anyway.)
  • After Peter Rabbit warns Old Man Coyote of a trap that Granny Fox was preparing for him, Old Man Coyote tells Peter that they will be great friends. Peter doesn't believe it. Later, when Peter is in trouble with Old Jed Thumper, another rabbit who doesn't tolerate Peter on his territory, Old Man Coyote arrives one night, howling and chasing Jed Thumper so that the rabbit is scared out of his wits and doesn't dare come out of his hideout for a week.
    Old Man Coyote: And remember Peter, I always pay my debts.
  • Danny Meadow Mouse standing up to Robber the Rat, earning Robber's respect as well as that of Nibbler the House Mouse, who'd previously looked down on Danny and yet had never dared to attempt the same thing in spite of living alongside Robber for a long time.
  • Short Tail the Shrew overpowering a mouse that is much larger and can see better than him, and then hurrying off to hunt for more food as though nothing had happened.
  • "'I am not afraid,' said Teeny Weeny [the Shrew]. And indeed he was not."
  • When Butcher the Shrike terrorizes the Old Orchard, Bully the English Sparrow boasts that he will drive him out and assembles a gang. Butcher easily kills two of the sparrows when they attack, causing the rest to flee. Later Sammy Jay tries something similar, and Butcher, seeing what Sammy's up to, flies over and attacks first, getting the better of Sammy with ease until the other jays arrive to help. Even as he is forced to retreat, Butcher fights his way out, never faltering in spite of the odds stacked against him.
  • Sammy Jay following a hunter through the Green Forest, warning everyone the hunter tries to shoot. Even after the hunter loses his temper and shoots at Sammy, Sammy continues to do his part.
  • When Peter Rabbit is warned that Reddy Fox is enlisting the help of Shadow the Weasel to try and catch him, he cuts a labyrinth of new paths through the Old Briar Patch. In spite of Shadow being able to fit anywhere Peter can, he ends up completely muddled by all the twists and turns, and Peter escapes without ever having to leave his briar patch.
  • Old Man Coyote attacks one of Little Joe Otter's children, only to find that the young otter is surprisingly capable of holding his own in a fight. What's more, even when he gets the chance to escape, the young otter attacks Old Man Coyote and keeps on fighting. And eventually, when the young otter finally starts to tire out, Little Joe himself takes over and basically wipes the floor with Old Man Coyote.
  • When Granny Fox manages to catch Peter Rabbit, Prickly Porky and Jimmy Skunk jump to his defense. The really awesome moment goes to Unc' Billy Possum, who, unlike the other two, is actually scared of Granny Fox, and yet still sneaks up behind her and bites her ankle hard enough to make her let go of Peter, then climbs up a tree before she can retaliate. In a flash Peter gets behind Prickly Porky, at which point Granny Fox realizes she'd have no chance of catching him again.
  • Prickly Porky earning the friendship of the other animals when he slaps Bowser the Hound a faceful of quills.
  • Lightfoot the Deer fighting off Yowler the Bobcat even without his antlers.
  • Seeing Buster Bear tormenting Prickly Porky by dropping sticks and stones on him and tricking him into flailing his tail around, Jimmy Skunk interferes. Buster is greatly angered, even threatening to kill Jimmy, but Jimmy shows no fear and continues to advance until Buster retreats.
  • Buster Bear vs. Flathorns the Moose.
  • After being beaten up by a rival rabbit, Peter eventually finds a solution. He leads the rival right into the jaws of Reddy Fox.
  • Upon being chased by Flip the Terrier, Peter makes several impressive dodges to get away. And when he starts to tire out, he leads Flip to Jimmy Skunk, with inevitable results. Realizing Peter's cunning, Flip actually vows never to chase Peter again.
  • Sammy Jay rushes Mr. Mocker at a feeding table, thinking he can dominate like he does with other birds. He's shown to be very wrong.
  • Blacky the Crow calls Farmer Brown's boy to help a flock of black ducks who are being threatened by a hunter. To Blacky's dismay, Farmer Brown's boy arrives on the scene with a gun and appears to try and shoot the ducks himself. He was actually just scaring the ducks away to ruin the hunter's hunting.
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