Awesome / Bulletstorm

  • The game begins with Grayson flipping out and attacking Serrano's flagship, a massive warship about twenty times the size of Grayson's, and he achieves a double knockout.
  • The entire confrontation with Sarrano, especially when he whips out his own Leash and proceeds to whup ass. He may be a bastard, but he's a tough bastard that you've got to respect.
  • The scene right before Grayson kamikaze's Serrano's warship.
    "A sudden plunge in the sullen swell. Ten fathoms deep...*pushes lever to initiate divebomb*...on the road to Hell!"
  • There's a moment when you try to escape by riding a train. But the best part comes in the form of a giant excavation wheel that pursues you. While this happens, you also have to dispatch mooks and shoot gasoline deposits to change the wheel's course to avoid being crushed while also shooting giant torpedos that will destroy you.
  • The part where you control a 50 ft tall animatronic that looks like Godzilla while you kill mooks by shooting lasers and punching things.
  • Gray's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Sarrano, after Sarrano's constant Breaking Speech-ing of him for the entire level of the Ulysses up to that point.
    Grayson: "Took down your Battleliner is what we did. Dropped your prize warbird with a Class-D Spectre. That's gotta sting a bit. And while not all of your crew managed to get to these escape capsules in time, I notice you did. Women and children first, ain't that right?"