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Awesome: Bruce Lee

  • Bruce Lee kicked the ass of Chuck Norris (Yes, CHUCK FREAKIN' NORRIS!) in the movie Way of the Dragon is that cool. Chuck himself admitted that he would NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER beat Lee in a fight. EVER!
    • Chuck Norris recounts this gem of a moment with his old friend before their epic battle in Way of the Dragon.
      Bruce Lee: I want you to be my opponent...
      Chuck Norris: Oh I see, you want to beat the World Champion.
      Bruce Lee: No, I want to kill the World Champion.
  • He could do two-finger push-ups.
    • Bruce Lee didn't do push-ups, he merely pushed the earth away from his body with his two fingers.
  • His fastest fighting movements reached 5/100ths of a second, his slowest movements were a sluggish 8/100ths of a second.
  • He had to have special training equipment made of car parts because he kept breaking his training equipment.
  • He could snatch a dime from your open palm and leave a penny there before you could close your fist. Still surprised he beat Chuck Norris?
  • The guy that broke into Bruce Lee's home to challenge him and ended up scaring Brandon and Shannon? Bruce put him in the hospital with one kick.
  • While his Death is a Tear Jerker, the fact that he got two funerals, one of which was attended by more than half of Hong Kong and the other attended by his family, celebrity friends and his students, just shows he was too awesome for just one funeral.
  • His son Brandon has had his awesome moments during Bruce's life and after passing away: He was taught martial arts when he learned how to walk. He broke a board during a demonstration when he was a little kid. During his adult life, he stopped a man from robbing his house just by breaking his nose.
  • His entire philosophy is illustrated in the movie Enter the Dragon. If you read his book, nearly everything his says in the film matches. File under Moment Of Awesome the moment when he tricks the Australian onto the lifeboat. "The way to win a fight is not to fight at all." Same as in his book.

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