Awesome / Broken Sword

The Shadow of the Templars & Director's Cut
  • This trailer.
  • The fact that George decides to investigate the mystery all by himself after his near-death experiences - whether the cafe explosion, kidnapping or being chased by henchmen.
  • In the first game, When George's head is hit by a wooden salmon and loses conciousness, Nico shows up from the rooftop and manages to kick Flap and Guido to get the tripod. Even George is impressed after that.
  • Despite being heartbroken, Lady Piermont decides to help by forcing the hotel clerk to give Khan's parchment to George.

The Smoking Mirror & Remastered
  • How about in the second game where Nico saves George at the pyramid before he becomes Tezcatlipoca's sacrifice?

The Sleeping Dragon
  • Harry managed to steal the soldier's jeepney and saves George from being shot by Susarro's soldiers.
    • He does it again but this time he helps George and Nico to go to Glastonbury despite heavy storms.
  • In the third game, after George receives the Psi stone the Preceptor says he'll send his best knight. The Preceptor calls one of the Templars to bring a long wooden case. George realizes that the Preceptor holds the sword and tells him to kneel. For a man who experiences a lot of adventures, George finally deserves being a knight.
  • Nico's response when she and George encounter Petra near the end of the third game.
    Nico: "George, you'll deal with the Grand Master. I'll deal with this bitch!"
  • Near the end of the third game, George pulls the Excalibur with determined expression and raised it above to go back at the hill and defeat the dragon.

The Angel of Death
  • Brother Mark, Archie and Spallaci's Big Damn Heroes moment in the fourth game.

The Serpent's Curse
  • Shears made up his mind by shooting Medovsky without a scratch.
  • Near the end of the fifth game, Langham asks George what is the reason why he wants to stop summoning Lucifer. George delivers this line while he's in the void:
    George: "Free Will! That's what we bring. Humanity brings free will. The final piece of trinity"