Awesome: Broken Sword

  • The fact that George decides to investigate the mystery all by himself after his near-death experiences - whether the cafe explosion, kidnapping or being chased by henchmen.
  • In the first game, When George's head is hit by a wooden salmon and loses conciousness, Nico shows up from the rooftop and manages to kick Flap and Guido to get the tripod. Even George is impressed after that.
  • How about in the second game where Nico saves George at the pyramid before he becomes Tezcatlipoca's sacrifice?
  • In the third game, after George receives the Psi stone the Preceptor says he'll send his best knight. The Preceptor calls one of the Templars to bring a long wooden case. George realizes that the Preceptor holds the sword and tells him to kneel. For a man who experiences a lot of adventures, George finally deserves being a knight.
  • Nico's response when she and George encounter Petra near the end of the third game.
    Nico: "George, you'll deal with the Grand Master. I'll deal with this bitch!"
  • Brother Mark, Archie and Spallaci's Big Damn Heroes moment in the fourth game.