Awesome / Brody's Ghost

  • Brody getting his revenge on the L47s, the street gang that attacked him and left him for dead, in the culmination of his training with Kagemura. Not even the psychopathic brat Mikey is spared from his attack.
    • When he's confronted by the leader of the gang, he's got a gun pointed at his face and there seem to be no options left—and then Brody levitates a cord to strangle him, drag him down, and then breaks his mind with the symbol Kagemura branded onto his palm.
  • The short story "The Test," which took place during the torturous first weeks of training that led to Brody developing his powers. Brody makes a racket over being stuck in a hole for nine days and threatens to quit, until Kagemura has him demonstrate how his powers have developed in isolation: He takes him into a room and says that a cat sat at one of the windowsills that afternoon, then tells him to find out which one. After Brody correctly identifies the windowsill, he tries to brush it off by saying that it was still warm and that's how he knew. Kagemura informs him that the cat that sat at the windowsill had actually died years ago.
  • Brody taking out all of Landon's hired assassins with little effort, in contrast to how he was beat up by a twelve year old kid in his first fight. It's a testament to how strong he's become.
  • When all's said and done, Brody's not a murderer. In spite of Talia's tantrums and threats to make his life hell, he refuses to exact her revenge for her and plans to leave the Penny Murderer incapacitated and ready for arrest.