Awesome: Brentalfloss

  • Arguably, there's always a highlight in each of his 'With Lyrics' songs.
    • Journey/Across a spooky land/You hold in your hand/A sword that shoots laser beams
    • Mega-mega-megaman/He's up on the 'effin' roof/Mega-mega-megaman/Heroic and aloof
    • Storm the villain's hideout/And keep your courageous spirit/Scream a battle cry loud/Enough that the bitch can hear it!
    • Four robotic friends hold fassst!/Traveling into the past!/ They find the source of evil there!/ and best him thoguht he power of prayer!
  • His 'Team Fortress 2 With Lyrics' got onto the game's official blog.
  • Mix one part childhood nostalgia, one part Teddy Ruxpin, and a large dash of Final Fantasy, and you get the Crowning Music of Awesome that is 'Final Fantasy Classic with lyrics'.
  • His Mashup with The Megas of their respective versions of the Wily's Castle theme from Megaman 2, "I Want To Be The One/Gotta Run Now.
  • Nintendohemian Rhapsody. That is all.
  • After his second album "Bits of Me" was leaked onto every torrent site imaginable before it was even officially released, Brent beat the pirates at their own game by lacing said torrent sites with torrents claiming to be the album but instead were a collection of songs specifically written to troll said pirates in every way possible. Doesn't hurt that most of the songs are hilarious to boot.
  • Brent takes the art of countertrolling to a whole new level.
  • Adding onto the song that made him popular, good move!
  • According to him, Super Mario 3D World was a CMOA for Nintendo.
  • Ocarina of Time with lyrics is a nine minute long musical argument between Brent and Dave about whether Ocarina is a good game or not. A while later, the two sang it live.
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