!! Video Game:

* [[spoiler: The first time the Kaiser Dragon is unleashed.]] The group faces a soldier who summons a very powerful boss, which proceeds to wipe the floor with the entire team while barely getting scratched itself. But when it takes out Ryu, he immediately gets back up and [[spoiler: transforms into the game's ultimate dragon. He then goes completely berserk and [[CurbStompBattle singlehandedly destroys the boss in two turns]].]]
* Scias showing his expert swordmanship [[spoiler: by freeing Ursula from her bonds without any signs of ClothingDamage.]] Sure it's small and random, but, COME ON! That scene still is an unforgettable one...
** Made even more awesome when Scias responds to Cray's anger at [[spoiler: Ursula]] being freed by flashing his somewhat rarely-seen sneer and telling Cray, "it's not nice to tie up women."
* Earlier, Scias' HeelFaceTurn which culminates in him joining Ryu, Nina and Cray and tossing his payment -- a hefty bag of money -- back in his client's face. When the client sputters and demands to know why Scias broke his contract so recklessly, Scias offers a [[SlasherSmile savage grin]] and says succinctly "I just felt like it, I guess."

!! Manga Adaptation:

* Ershin protecting the Elder.
* Ryu's HeroicBSOD / UnstoppableRage over the deaths of the people of Chek is just as awesome in the manga.
* Fou-Lu [[CurbStompBattle annihilating the fake volcano god with one movement of his arm.]]
* Cray punching Yuna through the wall after [[spoiler: discovering Elina's FateWorseThanDeath.]] It's the closest Yuna gets to punishment for his evil actions.