Awesome / Breath of Fire IV

Video Game:

  • The first time the Kaiser Dragon is unleashed. The group faces a soldier who summons a very powerful boss, which proceeds to wipe the floor with the entire team while barely getting scratched itself. But when it takes out Ryu, he immediately gets back up and transforms into the game's ultimate dragon. He then goes completely berserk and singlehandedly destroys the boss in two turns.
  • Scias showing his expert swordmanship by freeing Ursula from her bonds without any signs of Clothing Damage. Sure it's small and random, but, COME ON! That scene still is an unforgettable one...
    • Made even more awesome when Scias responds to Cray's anger at Ursula being freed by flashing his somewhat rarely-seen sneer and telling Cray, "it's not nice to tie up women."
  • Earlier, Scias' Heel–Face Turn which culminates in him joining Ryu, Nina and Cray and tossing his payment — a hefty bag of money — back in his client's face. When the client sputters and demands to know why Scias broke his contract so recklessly, Scias offers a savage grin and says succinctly "I just felt like it, I guess."

Manga Adaptation: