Awesome: Brain Dead 13

  • The whole final battle sequence that takes place entirely in the dark! Combine that with Tired of Running, More Dakka, a Badass Arm-Fold, a Take-That Kiss, dance moves, and some Funny Moments, as well as Pre-Asskicking/Pre-Mortem One-Liners, and you've got yourself one TRUE Moment of Awesome! This video explains it all.
    • One badass Moment of Awesome near the end of the Vivi's Salon sequence, when Lance makes a badass Bond One-Liner to her:
      Lance: Hey, Viv! I'll take a rain check on that... bite!
  • Combined with Visual Effects of Awesome and Scenery Porn: The confrontation scene with Neurosis has only small lights lined up in a row that light up the total blackness in the room, and it's all in Conspicuous CG (except for the characters, of course). Add a bit of the Gratuitous Disco Sequence with More Dakka from Fritz that lights up the scenery, and the whole thing is just awesome indeed. Whoever thought up a final confrontation to be a whole disco that takes place entirely in the dark should be very proud of themselves, like something that only Quentin Tarantino would think up.
    • Also, most of the resurrection scenes, such as floor panel lights that make Lance reappear if he dies during the dark disco sequence; the lightning bolts that bring him back if he dies during Moose's sequence; and the aforementioned "flames of rebirth" scene on the YMMV tab.