Awesome / Boogeyman

  • Won the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rookie of the Year Award for 2006.
    • The first runner-up was Charles Evans, who would go on to hold titles in OVW, the WWC in Puerto Rico and Pro Wrestling ZERO1. Second runner up was ex-sumo wrestler turned pro wrestler/MMA fighter Akebono, who would hold titles in ZERO1, All Japan Pro Wrestling and Dragon Gate. Third runner up was Cody Runnels, better known as WWE's Cody Rhodes. And Boogeyman beat all of them.
  • Battling Finlay in 2007, the Boogeyman is down as the ref is distracted and Hornswoggle (then called The Little Bastard) charges in to try and hit Boogeyman with a cane. Suddenly, from under the ring comes a mini-wrestler dressed exactly like the Boogeyman. The reaction on Hornswoggle's face was priceless as Boogeyman won the match and Michael Cole and JBL's commentary was terrific too. (JBL: "What just happened? Tell me this didn't just happen!")
  • Jillian Hall is out to do her usual horrible singing when the Boogeyman's music hits. Michael Cole speaks for fans by announcing "I never thought I'd say this but thank goodness for the Boogeyman!"
  • His debut match in WWE? Beating the aforementioned JBL — known to be an Invincible Villain at times — at the Royal Rumble 2006.