Awesome: Blue's Clues

  • Steve finally finding a clue without the help of the kids. It. Was. Glorious.
    • And before that, Steve was incredibly depressed about being unable to find a clue, and he felt like giving up...but then all of the other characters came to him and, in song, encouraged him not to give up. It doubles as heartwarming, too.
  • This. Just try to deny it.
  • Golden Thinking Chair... Golden Thinking Chair... Golden Thinking Chair!
  • "Colors Everywhere." Sure, children's shows may teach you about the colors of the rainbow, or primary colors/secondary colors, but when was the last one that told you what colors to mix to make vermillion, chartreuse, or aquamarine?
  • The Alphabet Song from "The Alphabet Train." No simple ABC song to twinkle, twinkle for Blue's Clues. Joe got to sing sing his own, with at least one something or someone for every letter, and letters like X or Z weren't given the short shrift.
    U — ukelele or udder / V can vault a volcano / W for wagon or west / X for x-ray / Y for yo-yo / Z for zebra or zest / I'll never forget, no I'll never forget my alphabet!