Awesome: Blue Sky

  • Wheatley's utter ownage of GLaDOS had enough mini-examples to make it all a full-blown CMOA.
    GLaDOS: "Because it's a terrible idea, you little imbecile! I am the- ultimate pinnacle- of perfectly-engineered artificial intelligence and I- zzIzttt chhhh i i iiiiiI DON'T HAVE TERRIBLE IDEAS-"
    Wheatley: You do now.
    • The fact that it is easily the most confident he has ever been is just icing on the cake. He even manages to crack what sounds like a fat joke at GLaDOS.
    • Telling her to switch off, and her doing it, is definitely up there.
  • Foxglove deserves one for enabling him to do it, by hijacking every single satellite and satellite dish she can get her receivers on.