Awesome / Blue Planet

  • The mod has cutscenes. The dedication of the fan to make cutscenes is awesome in of itself.
  • What's slightly less awesome but still very noteworthy is the quality of the voice acting (which is rare in mods) at least in Age of Aquarius as well as the design of the new ships which probably took quite a while to make.
  • The destruction of the Sathanas juggernaut in the mission A Time for Heroes really showcases just how far GTVA had come, from being unable to destroy the Lucifer without accidentally collapsing a jump node to trashing the second most powerful Shivan vessel without breaking too much sweat.
  • The entirety of the War in Heaven mission Her Finest Hour is one giant Crowning Moment of Awesome for Noemi as she has a major contribution to what is easily the Federation's greatest victory in their war with the GTVA: the capture/destruction of the GTD Carthage as well as the capture of all Alliance installations over Neptune giving the Federation a staging ground to strike directly at the Sol-Delta Serpentis jump node.
  • The entirety of the mission Delenda Est and the end of Universal Truth where the Vishnans tell the Shivans to fuck off. However, this may just have been the interpretation that Samuel Bei was allowed to see. You hear a different one in Universal Truth II, and it's... not that reassuring.
  • The climax of Aristeia, where the UED Toutatis shows up and displays the UEF version of Superior Firepower against the GTD Hood. Namely: antimatter torpedo spam, all set to "Spiritus Elektros"!
  • Any time Spiritus Elektros plays is bound to be a CMOA for at least one side, really.