Awesome / Blue Mountain State

  • In the season 1 finale Shilo is arrested by some corrupt Louisiana cops on fake rape charges to tire him out before a game. When the team go to rescue him Thad (whilst recovering from a car crash only seconds before) proceeds to utterly demolish an entire room of the cops.
  • Marty calling out his son for being a jerk. He does accept the boy's homosexuality, but he disowns him because he is an ungrateful prick who verbally disrespects his own parents, and tried to guilt his own father into giving him money as a bribe to be included in his life again.
    • Can double as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming since he does it after learning that his entire football team is at the hospital for an unknown reason.
  • Harmon's method of regaining his kicking skills in "Rituals": tying Thad between the uprights and kicking footballs at him until Thad admits he's a good kicker. He hits him everytime, with the last kick being right in the balls.