Awesome / Black Company

  • The lady's plan to defeat the rebels. Draw them in to a trap which they can't leave and then unleashes a plague on them.
  • Croaker's master plan to defeat Longshadow's armies. Its too awesome to spoil it here - read it yourselves.
    • I'll spoil some of it. Croaker plays a long con that pays off. He and Blade pretend they had a huge falling out over Lady, and Blade defects to Longshadow. Blade then spends years being one of Longshadow's most trusted captains. When the decisive battle begins, Blade immediately orders his division off the battlefield, and his soldiers follow him because they trust his orders. He then surrenders to Croaker, while they laugh at what they pulled off. It leaves Longshadow without 1/4 of his troops, and they were some of his most veteran troops at that.