Awesome / Birdman


  • Riggan punching Mike in the face.
    • And right before that, he approaches Mike and demonstrates some genuine respectable acting skills by feeding him a story about how his father used to beat him as a child before revealing that he made the whole thing up just to see if Mike would buy it.
  • The Birdman hallucinations that Riggan experiences right before he regains his confidence, resulting in him jumping off a building and going on a beautifully operative and poetic flight through New York. Whether or not it actually happened, it was still awesome.
    • One particularly awesome hallucination has Birdman trying to convince Riggan to come back to mindless blockbusters to attract money and fame again. Riggan snaps his fingers and a war scene suddenly erupts in the streets with explosions, soldiers getting shot, military helicopters and a giant mechanical bird causing mayhem, with Birdman casually sending it a laser beam with his watch.
  • Riggan manages to break his critic's promise of a scathing review by giving the most shocking conclusion to his play.
  • Riggan's particularly epic and deserved "The Reason You Suck" Speech towards Tabitha. Not only is it highly rewarding to see that witch get what she deserve, especially after she flat out said she's gonna trash his play for no other reason than bias, it's also a very awesome Take That! towards Critics who come in to a product and trash it for anything but the fact that it actually isn't good.
    • It also contains a nice jab at those who use Purple Prose and labels in their reviews to disguise the fact that they're not really critiquing anything that's important like structure, technicality, skills, etc.
      • One could also take that as a jab to internet critics who trash films just for the sake of nitpicking rather than putting any thought behind why they dislike a film.
  • Tabitha's own "The Reason You Suck" Speech at Riggan works just the same.
  • In a meta example, much like his character in-verse, Keaton's stunning performance completely resurrected his career.
  • The editing! About 16 total takes made to look like one. This is a two hour film. And it's very nearly seamless!

Western Animation

  • In the Birdman episode bearing his name, Number One definitively cements his position as Birdman's greatest foe. After capturing Birdman, he blasts Avenger with a laser before returning to base, heading off (or so he believes at the moment) the one factor that has ruined almost every other villain in the series. The whole episode is arguably the series' Crowning Moment, if such a thing is possible.
  • Falcon Seven's Crowning Moment of Awesome comes in "Murro the Marauder". Birdman is battling and losing to his own shadow, which has brought to life by Murko. His only possible hope is that it might share his weaknesses as well as his powers. After he is freed by Avenger, Falcon Seven acts on this and saves Birdman by hitting it in the head with a chunk of masonry.
  • Birdman himself gets a crowning moment of awesome, when he escapes from the giant cage the villain has put him in by tricking a giant robot into punching the cage, thus freeing him. Made more awesome by the fact that he does it without Avenger's help.