Awesome: Bionic Commando

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Hitler's Master D's exploding head.
    • Which is RENDERED IN 3D in the remake!
    • Shot of the scene from the original can be seen here.
  • In the sequel, you make Groeder's head explode by shoving a grenade down his throat when he gets split in half.
    Spencer: Let's see how you get back from THIS.
    • You get the option to skip Groeder's ranting in the fight against him. Spencer literally tells him to STFU.
    • In the sequel, the most awesome thing must be the final scene, where Spencer has a flashback of his wife saying she will stay by his side (see the spoiler under Darker and Edgier), headbutts Super Joe through the windscreen of his mecha suit, makes it explode and falls, presumably, to his death. And the music makes it even more awesome.
    • Master-D also says "You want to fight me? You damn fool." which was as close to a curse as you'd get from a Nintendo game at the time.