Awesome / Billy West

  • Having that vocal range that can do things for which normal voice actors (and a lot of celebrity ones that don't have much in the way of actual range) would need alteration from studio equipment. On the Futurama episode "Love Labors Lost in Space," the voice he used for the energy being Leela meets at The Hip Joint is his actual voice, and not, as studio technicians assumed, a sign that the recording equipment was broken.
  • The fact that he has been known to record numerous voices for Futurama, several of which for his characters who interact with each other (like Fry, Farnsworth, Zapp Brannigan, Richard Nixon, and Zoidberg), in one, continuous take!
  • Surviving the 15 times his drunk dad tried to kill him, and getting over the drug problems he had because of his horrible childhood.