Awesome / Bill Bruford

  • Awesome Music: Bruford has too many to count, but his performance on Yes' "Yours Is No Disgrace" is truly incredible. He literally sounds as though he is drumming two different rhythms at once: one in meter with his other bandmates, and another in another meter entirely. The result is truly epic, and he does this all without ever taking a solo or even coming to the forefront.
  • It's rare that a musician can get a Moment of Awesome purely by not doing anything, but King Crimson's live improvisation "Trio" (found on Starless and Bible Black and The Night Watch) counts as an example. Bruford's decision not to play was credited as having a major impact on direction of the final piece, which became one of Crimson's prettiest and best-loved instrumentals, and he was given a composition co-credit (his contribution to the song was termed "admirable restraint"). For those who think prog is nothing but flashy solos, this piece provides a good argument otherwise.
  • It was a bold move for Bill to retire in 2009, but in getting away from the music business world, he pursued an education in music. As of early 2016, this was the result. Truly a sign of Doing It for the Art.