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Awesome: Beyblade
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     Season 1 
  • Takao defeating Hiruta in the first episode. Hiruta appeared undefeatable, even with Takao doubling the length of the launcher's ripcord to increase his beyblade's spin and thus the power... And then, literally overnight, comes up with a way to ring-out Hiruta's defence-based beyblade.
  • Kai in the second episode. It looked like he would be punished for beating up Hiruta (itself a punishment for getting his ass handed to him by Takao) by being at the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle... Cue the Spinning Fire Bomb, so awesome that, for the entire run of all the three seasons of the original series, a beyblade pulling some sort of attack from above became the sign its blader was a serious contender.
  • Max vs Kai at the national tournament in season 1 is this for both.
    • First set: Max's pre-Bit Beast beyblade, Protoshell, is completely invulnerable to Dranzer's attacks, so what does Kai do? Spinning Fire Bomb. Cue One-Hit KO, and 1-0 for Kai.
    • Second set: this time Kai doesn't even bother with normal attacks and goes directly for the Spinning Fire Bomb. Too bad that Max made Protoshell spin left, so when Dranzer hit Protoshell not only resists, but the opposite rotations end up stopping Dranzer and making Protoshell spin right. 1-1, and the only time a connecting Death from Above attack is completely defeated (every other time it usually has at least some effect).
      • This gets two Calls Back. The first is in the very following episode, when the Chief, among the modifications he does to Dragoon, has it spin left, a characteristics all of Takao's beyblades from now on will have specifically to counter Kai's Goomba Stomp attacks. The second is in Russia, when Takao is facing a minor Neoborg beyblader with a beyblade that's spinning very fast and Kai tells him to think about his match with Max, at which point Takao brings Dragoon over the foe's beyblade and wins.
    • Still, Kai's second Spinning Fire Bomb left its mark: Protoshell's bit protector exploded right after the end of the set, and Max has to repair it. But with what? Easy: with a bit protector from his mother that contains a Bit Power. Goodbye, Protoshell. Welcome, Draciel.
    • In the third set, the battle is hard, and Kai isn't bothering with the Spinning Fire Bomb as Max spun Draciel left again. How does it end? Draciel, a Defence-based beyblade, apparently rings out Dranzer, only for it to fall back in and use the fall to gain the strength to ring out one of the strongest Defence-based beyblades at the time.
  • In season 1, the first match of the Asian Tournament against the Thai team due the Crazy Awesome gimmicks of the Thai team.
    • In the first set, the Thai representative had an absurd extensible beyblade three times as powerful as Driger... So Rei used the georama-like field to drop a mountain on it.
    • In the second set, the Thai beyblade emitted enough heat that it was starting to melt Draciel. Max and Draciel knocked it down as soon as it started to slow down.
      • The gimmick was so Crazy Awesome that the DJ freaked out. The only other time he freaked out was when Kai, as part of the Neoborg, challenged the whole PPB All Starz during the exhibition match, and even then it wasn't comparable to this.
    • The final Thai representative was a Muay Thai practitioner, who literally kicked his beyblade in the field to make it spin faster, and Dragoon's Storm Attack was made useless by the field featuring a river that would be sucked in by the tornado and change the sand into mud, slowing it down. To make it worse, the Thai beyblade could jump and use a Goomba Stomp attack a dozen times in a row (thankfully it was nothing like Kai's). How to deal with this? Easy: jump in the river and generate the tornado mid-air. There was no mud to slow Dragoon down (and the river's bed was in solid rock), and the tornado, made stronger by the water, threw the Thai beyblade out of the ring.
    • And to complete the Bladebreakers' awesomeness... The Thai team congratulated them for the win.
    • And at the same time of all the above, the White Tigers are facing the Brunei team in their first match. The Brunei team is among the favourites for victory. By the time the Bladebreakers show up to see the match, the Brunei team is already out of the competition and fighting to score at least a victory, and Mao proceeds to cut into pieces her opponent's beyblade.
  • In episode 12 of season 1 we have a match between Rei and Takao: if he wins, Rei, who is depressed for his Bit Beast leaving him, will be free to leave the Bladebreakers and return to the White Tigers as Mao was trying to convince him to do, otherwise he'll have to stay with the Japanese team. So, Rei and the Driger without Bit Beast versus Takao and the Dragoon S with Bit Beast that had already inflicted them a Curb-Stomp Battle at the Japanese National Tournament... And Rei, who Mao had reminded was practically undefeatable back at the village even before receiving his Bit Beast, wins. He still stays with the Bladebreakers.
  • Episode 13 has many.
    • One of the Mongolian team manages to win against Gao. Why is this awesome? Because even when not at full concentration, Gao is ridiculously strong, and surviving long enough for him to get distracted by food is an incredibly difficult task.
    • Following Gao's loss due distraction (as Mao had mentioned food), Mao has to win, but her foe, like Gao's, has a defensive beyblades covered by wool to No Sell a foe's attack. Mao cut it into pieces.
    • Captain battle: Lai versus Balto, the Mongolian captain. A Tiger Claw later, Balto's beyblade is shattered, and most of the Bladebreakers are in full Oh, Crap mode at seeing Lai using Rei's attack.
    • The Bladebreakers have to face the Indian team, whose gymmick is to have beyblades with a ten centimeters-wide attack ring for superior stability.
      • Takao starts with his usual tornado, but the foe's attack ring pushes enough air upward to stay on the ground. Takao's reply to this? Storm Attack with physically hitting the enemy's beyblade. Cue ring-out.
      • Not to be topped, Max, who has a defence-type beyblade, rings out the foe's beyblade (and nearly hits him in the face), and sends the whole Indian team in full Oh, Crap mode (seen on the background).
      • Rei has to face their captain. What does he do? He attacks with such fierceness that the following happens in quick sequence: the field's reproduction of the Great Wall of China starts being damaged hard as soon as Driger the beyblade hits it; Driger the Bit Beast returns to his beyblade; Rai goes in Oh, Crap mode and Kai looks in awe; Rei starts the Tiger Claw, starting to demolish the Wall and sending his foe in Oh, Crap mode; the Tiger Claw doesn't fully connect with his foe's beyblade due the latter's run, so he demolishes the whole wall and scores a glancing hit that heavily damages the target and makes it stop spinning.
  • An older entry mentioned that Kai's Dranzer S had curbstomped multiple world class opposition in Season 1. In episode 14 he finally fights against a member of the Maldives' team... And wins with one hit. Granted, the Maldives' team was rather poor and had to scavenge parts to put together their beyblades, but given it was the semi-final of the Chinese Tournament, it wasn't supposed to be an easy opponent...
    • Kai fought because, due Takao oversleeping and Rei trying to wake him up with chili pepper, only Max and him were available to fight from the start, with a landslide blocking the road. This paves the way for some non-beyblade related awesomeness: Takao and Rei climbed ten kilometers of mountain and cliff to reach the battlefield, and made it just in time. Oh, and Takao had Rei on his back for the final part of the climbing, as the latter had sprained his ankle to dodge a falling boulder...
    • Also, the Maldives' team going as far as the semi-finals with embarrassingly inferior beyblades and no gymmick.
    • And let's not forget Max's new beyblade, capable of No Selling the attacks of a semi-finals worthy opponent. Max promptly christened it Draciel Shield.
      • Then his opponent, using a subpar beyblade, nearly overpowered him.
    • Finally, Takao. When he arrives he's tired for the travel... And still wins his match, and was faster than Kai.
  • The final of the Chinese Tournament.
    • Max vs Gao, fought on a field with two areas: a large rotating one and a non-rotating smaller one placed above the rotating one.
      • In the first game, Max is being overpowered by Gao's superior strength, estimated three times as Rei's Tiger Claw without special attacks. How did he deal with that? He brought the battle to the rotating area, where Draciel's superior stability gave Max a decisive advantage over Gao's powerful but unstable Gallzly.
      • Before the second game, Gao smiles, and Rei goes in Oh, Crap mode. Why? Gao just stopped thinking about food and is about to go all out. As anticipated by Rei (and possibly Foreshadowed by his Oh, Crap face as soon as he learned they'd fight in three-games sets and not single-game sets), Gao wins through sheer power with the first attack to connect (from above, no less), and heavily damages the rotating area of the battlefield with the ones that doesn't. Oh, and those attacks... Most of them weren't actually attacks, Gallzly still bouncing after being shot in.
      • In the third game, Max plans to use the damaged rotating area to his advantage. News flash, Max: Gao's previous attack was a warm up, and now he's going all-out. Gao's launcher explodes, and the battlefield is quickly disintegrated, burying Draciel under its remains. This feat, that left the Blader DJ speechless (so much that Gao had to call out to him) and apparently got Kiki to crap in his pants, wouldn't be equalled, let alone topped, by none but Brooklyn. One-nil for the White Tigers.
    • Second set is Rei versus Mao:
      • The field is awesome enough to be mentioned separately: a very accurate reproduction of the central building of the Forbidden City, in precious wood to boot. Too bad they wreck it...
      • Mao dominates the first game. Sure, Rei is unconsciously holding back, but in their match he did hand Kiki his ass while holding back, and Mao has even managed to attack from above. Also, Rei making Driger dodge most of Mao's Bit Beast-powered attacks in the last part of the game before pulling out his own Bit Beast.
      • In the second game, Mao and Kai snap Rei out of his funk... And Rei wins with a single attack. Also for Mao: they hit at the same time, and for a moment it looked like Driger would stop spinning before Galux.
      • The third game is so awesome that, in-universe, their respective Instant Fanclubs start cheering both their beloved and the opponent. Highlights include Galux tearing down the Forbidden Mansion plastic with a Goomba Stomp that Rei dodged and Driger connecting with a Goomba Stomp while Galux was mid-air. And, before launching their decisive attacks, Mao declared her love for Rei, and Rei replied he knew and reciprocated. Still, we have to get a winner, and it's Rei, so 1-1.
    • For the third set we have Takao versus Lai on a sandy-rocky battlefield meant to invoke Gansu province:
      • The first game starts well for Takao, and Dragoon quickly brings Lai's beyblade Galeon on the edge of a sandy area that would slow down any beyblade unfortunate enough to end in it. One Tiger Claw later, Dragoon is out of the ring. Bonus point for Lai using his actual special move to power up his Tiger Claw and make it ten times as powerful as Rei's.
      • In the second game it's Lai who has the initial advantage, with Takao bringing Dragoon on the sandy area on purpose. An error? Nope, he's just following Kai's advice to use the battlefield to his advantage, and when Galeon moves for the finish Dragoon's Storm Attack causes a sandstorm that defeats Galeon. This is when Lai stops insulting Rei and actually concentrates on beating Takao.
      • In the third game Lai whips out the Dark Lightning, before summoning his Bit Beast. When the Bit Beast shows up, Dragoon gets thrown away... And lands inside. Takao replies in kind, and after the battle of the Bit Beasts, both beyblades lands out of the ring. It's a tie.
    • To resolve the match, the organizers order an extra set of a single game, on a standard field as they have no special fields anymore. The White Tigers obviously send Lai back in, but the Bladebreakers deploy Rei:
      • Rei gets one even before going in for sheer courage and calming the Chief, who was worried due Lai's frightening power.
      • As soon as the match starts, Lai attacks with the Bear Axe, Gao's attack. While he whips out all the team's special moves, Mao explains that they are ancient attacks that have been taught to their tribe's best beybladers, so Lai had the chance to read how to do it and learn them all.
      • Some for Mao, as she's the only one of their team to stand up to Lai and his hate-filled madness.
      • Still, it seems that Lai will win... And then Rei, after some encouragement, launches a Tiger Claw that comes close to match Gao's destructive power and rings out Galeon, also breaking through Lai's hate.
  • Episode 19 gives us one of the few times Emily battles. The result? She utterly defeats Max with one hit. By ring out. True, Max was distracted, but she still won with one hit.
  • Episode 20:
  • In episode 21, Antonio, a beginner beyblade, crushed Takao. Sure, Kai, playing the Trickster Mentor for Takao, had explained him how, but he was still a beginner who could barely launch straight, and his beyblade was what appeared to be a Makendo, AKA one of the three oldest beyblades, that was so outclassed by Takao's Dragoon S that it wasn't even funny.
  • The charity match of episode 22 has an interesting one for the billionaire McSneeze -or, in the original, the President of the United States: thanks to his smarts and having a quick talk with the organizers, the Celebrity Team isn't completely outmatched by the representatives of three of the teams taking parts to the World Championship (namely Max for the Bladebreakers, Emily for the All Stars and Mario for the Brazilian team), but, thanks to the format of three rounds with the entire teams in it and their teamwork, give them a desperate run for their money and actually win the second round.
    • Made more awesome because the teamwork of the celebrity team gave Emily a much needed slice of Humble Pie, as her insistence on working alone made her an easy target for her opponents. The way they did it was especially humiliating: first they lured her into accidentally hitting and knocking down Draciel, then, with her beyblade Trygator destabilized and slowed down by the impact, ganged up on her and made short work of it.
  • Episode 23:
    • Kai decides to be nice with Emily and give her a chance to get some data on him by fighting a member of the Mexican team. The Curb-Stomp Battle not only ends up wrecking the beyblade and the launcher of his opponent, but is so fast the PPB computers couldn't tell how hard he attacked.
      • About the beyblade of Kai's victim... It had guitar strings around the attack ring to slow down the opponent and steal its spin. Kai replied with a Spinning Fire Bomb.
    • Max has to deal with an opponent with a survival-type beyblade whose attack ring has blades and can actually damage Draciel. How does he deal with him? He has Draciel catches the blade on the weight disk and then throw the opponent away.
    • In the final set Takao has to face an opponent with a beyblade powerful enough to shatter rocks whose Gatling Attack consists into landing on the target's attack ring and stay there until it stops spinning or it has to do it again. Takao's new Dragoon F easily resisted the first attack and then used the Storm Attack to throw it on the Grand Canyon-like mountains of the field. Mountains that the Mexican beyblade hit so hard they crumbled on it (that's why we said it could shatter rocks).
  • Episode 24 is full of these, mainly due the Equador team. So strong and imprevedible (partly to them being in perfect symbiosis with nature) that Emily, normally sure of the All Stars' ultimate victory, admits they could defeat them.
    • First set, Rei versus Sancho. Rei loses. Hard. As in One-Hit KO hard. Bonus point for this being the only time Rei is completely caught with his pants down in all three seasons.
    • Second set, Max versus Fernando. Fernando's attack consists into making the opponent's beyblade bounce on itself and throw it in air until it exhausts the spinning. Max only wins due Fernando's beyblade losing interest in the game and leaving the field.
    • Decisive set, Takao versus Bartolomeo. Whose beyblade and style are based on the Galapagos tortoise. So the first attacks are deflected effortlessly, and then Bartolomeo's beyblade suddenly attacks with overwhelming force (don't believe it? Just watch the males in the mating season, or try and attack them. They bite hard). And to add psychological pressure, Bartolomeo noticed that Takao is irritated by the story of how he received the beyblade from a tortoise, and continues talking about it to make him lose focus. Thankfully Takao gets thrown back to his senses by his grandfather explaining him how Bartolomeo was distracting him on purpose, and wins by having Dragoon enter the seawater area of the beyblade stadium based on the Hawaiian beaches and unleashing a storm attack there, with the water-filled tornado throwing the foe's beyblade out of the ring (and Ryu back to his newest Instant Fanclub).
    • In the meantime, the All Stars are facing the Australian team. When the Bladebreakers come their stadium, Steve has just thrown his opponent's beyblade out of the stadium so fast it broke a wall. Then Michael parachutes down from the sky to show off for his fans, and in his set the Cannonball Attack not only lands precisely on the top of the opponent's beyblade, but is so powerful it disintegrates it. A bit ruined by him showing off his Bit Beast to the Bladebreakers on purpose, but still formidable.
  • Episode 49, Rei's determination throughout his entire battle against Boris Kuznetsov.

     Season 2 

     Season 3 
  • In season 3, Kai's battle with Daichi. For a while it looked Daichi would win easily, with Kai unable to fight back... Then Kai shows he was just distracted, and Dranzer proceeds to swat Gaia Dragoon out of the ring, setting the ring on fire in the process.
  • I'll give you just four words...
    • Kai's battle against Brooklyn.
    Kai: Kai. That's my name. And I'm a Beyblader. And you might think you are but you're not. You learned from the best but you forgot a very important lesson. Beyblading isn't just about overpowering your opponent with fancy moves. That's only part of the game. There's more to it than that. Much more. That's why I have something you don't.I have learned from every battle I fought. Every friend, enemy and spectator always had something to offer me. And I'm a student to this game. And I always will be. With the hardships of training, competitions, the wins and the losses, they all taught me something. And I've taken that knowledge and used it to my advantage. That's why I can say, that I'm a true beyblader. That's what keeps me going. And that's my strength. I don't think you ever will (understand). Because you're not a true beyblader. You have the power and the skill but something is missing from inside you. You don't have the beyblading spirit! That's why I have to win this battle! Because beyblading means more to me than you could ever understand! IT'S NOT JUST A GAME TO ME! FINISH HIM NOW, DRANZER!"
    • And Brooklyn is screaming in fear of Kai after this. Brooklyn.

  • It's a bit of Fridge Logic with the actual game, but every time the Chief beyblades, it's one for him. His beyblades with a spring base are not only balance types, but also very cool but near useless against normal beyblades, yet:
    • in the national tournament of season 1 he nearly passes the qualification round, getting in the top ten and surviving Kai's wrath in the battle royal until he actually focuses on him;
      • Both manga and anime have this scene, but the anime makes it more awesome: in the manga Kai is using the Master Dranzer, but in the anime he's using the improved Dranzer S, that would later proceed to mop the floor with international-level competition. And the Chief, while curbstomped too, actually took more effort than any of Kai's opponents in the world tournaments.
    • near the end of season 1, the Chief joins the rest of the team in challenging Kai, who has pulled his Face-Heel Turn and now is using Black Dranzer and going all-out. He's the first to be defeated... But still outlasts the entire American team, who had earlier pulled an identical team effort against Black Dranzer and got wiped out in half the time;
    • in season 2 he has a spar with Takao and makes him run into circles for a while. Note that Takao is the friggin' world champion by this point;
    • in season 3 he takes part to the selection tournament with an improved jumping base and makes it to the semi-finals, only losing before facing Takao due an absurd opponent with a shapeshifting and ability-copying beyblade that pulls a surprise Mirror Match to win (in the final Takao overpowers him in the Mirror Match, and Hitoshi, who is selecting the team, shoots him down as a copycat and unfit to take part to an international tournament);
      • The Chief's performance in the tournament was so good that got him in the Japanese national team for the world championship.
    • finally, in the world championship he faces Yuri, who is just too stupidly powerful for him. By playing it smart, he gives him such a desperate run for his money that Yuri has to use his Bit Beast to win. It ends with the Chief's beyblade shattered, but still props for forcing Yuri to go all out.
      • By virtue of this set and Kai, who was playing for the Blitzkrieg Boys, throwing the set against Daichi because Takao had been excluded by Hitoshi for disciplinary reasons, the match is to be decided by Daichi and Yuri. Yuri is stupidly more powerful than Daichi too... So the Chief, basing himself on how he just lost to Yuri, instructs Daichi on what he has to do. Yuri loses, and cannot understand how it happened.
  • Takao's early victories in the manga. Why? Well, his beyblade there is the Ultimate Dragoon (Spin Dragoon in international releases), that, while the first beyblade ever released, is completely outclassed by pretty much everything else (the only ones that don't completely outclass it are Makendo and Megaro Arm, that are Ultimate Dragoon with a different paintjob and weight disk). And yet, after some training, it took Kai to stop him.
  • The 10Bistool custom beyblade. Why? Not only it was practically undefeatable in the plastic beyblade era, but it even showed up in the anime and inflicted a Curb-Stomp Battle on a bully (the same bully had previously destroyed the original beyblade of 10Bistool's beyblader).
    • In the anime, 10Bistool was put together by the Chief. When the local Gadgeteer Genius is the one who invents a metagame beyblade configuration, you know it's good.
  • Hiruta (Carlos in the US dub) has one in the manga, where he has two battles with Daichi. In the first match he immediately realizes that Daichi is immensely more powerful, admits it... And then easily annihilates him. With one hit.
    • The second time they fight is another one for Hiruta. Between the encounters Daichi Took a Level in Badass by perfecting his beyblade (now named Gaia Dragoon, or Strata Dragoon in the US) and acquiring some decent skill... And Hiruta still gives him a desperate run for his money.
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